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NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette – First impressions

I really didn’t want to do this post today…Friday’s should be light posts….like the one I originally drafted for today (Next Friday it is!), but I thought in case these palettes get sold out by the weekend, at least you’d have a shot at getting one if you felt you wanted one. 

First off…..I am not into contouring at all. I have tried and it ends up looking muddy, so I figure I’m doing it wrong, I don’t have the right shade, I don’t have the right brush, chipmunk cheeks….whatever, it’s just too much for this busy mom to try and tackle.

One day I was binge watching You Tube videos and I’m not sure who hauled this palette out, but it kind of intrigued me. I think what made it even more appealing was then realising it was not available in South Africa. Crazy I know. I don’t contour, but I can’t get that palette here, so now I want it??? Go figure. THEN I saw the announcement that this would indeed be hitting our South African Shores. I started watching the NYX Facebook page like a hawk. I was camping out at Clicks, so much so that they were like…’please stop wasting your petrol, give us your number. Don’t call us, we’ll call you when it arrives. Capiche?’ The waiting began……

A few days ago I got the call…they only got 8 palettes in and they’d put one aside for me. By the time they called me, on the day of receiving stock, there were 4 palettes left. By the time I left the store later that afternoon there was only 1 left. I will admit, I got a bit of a shock when I saw the price…..EEEKKK…drugstore is supposed to be affordable…cheap… R394 doesn’t feel cheap for a midweek pop in at Clicks. Oh well, moving along.

So I get home and unbox this baby…..


Hmmm… what? I swatched it and was still a bit confused about what to do with everything. Ah, when in doubt….google…you tube…. and then I got a general idea of what to do with this palette. Heck I’d even try to contour.

So there are 8 colours. Top row, from left to right:

Ice Queen – a white highlighter

Soft Light – A matte neutral toned sort of highlighter

Cream – A banana powder

Nectar – A shimmery peach highlighter

The bottom row consists of your bronzer and contour shades:

Tan, Toffee, Sculpt and Hollow.


These pans all have a lovely soft texture and are very pigmented, but without attacking you with colour. The powder is really finely milled. I feel it blends really well. The one negative…there is a ton of fallout with this product. You swipe and there’s so much loose powder. I see almost everybody online mentions this exact same issue with this palette, but like me, they don’t feel it’s a deal breaker with the palette due to the quality and variety that you get. Another plus is that the pans are removeable so you can replace the colours that you use most frequently without purchasing a whole new palette. I’m not sure if we have the single pans here in SA though. I’ll have to check when I next go to harass the poor ladies at Clicks.

How I used this for my first attempt:

I used Ice queen as my brow, cupid’s bow and inner corner highlight.

The matte powder and the banana powder I used to set my under eye concealer. I also used the matte powder as an eye shadow base.

The peach highlighter on the top of my cheeks…..oh my soul…this is amazing!!! It gave me such a lovely sheen and it was instant. I didn’t have to swipe again and again to get my highlight going. Yes I understand, nobody takes me seriously anymore when I talk about highlighters…..because I love everything. Please don’t make me choose a favourite….please….

I used Toffee to bronze and warm up my face. This shade really impressed me. I’ve always hoped to find a bronzer that makes me see JLo in the mirror. Ladies…let me tell you, today JLo was with me every step of the way….*heart eyes* I loved the way this bronzer warmed up my face.

Sculpt was used to attempt some contour where my big round cheeks are. I think I was very scared of packing it on, so I used a very light hand. I was happy with my attempt and will probably be a bit braver when I next attempt it.

I also used Sculpt in my crease just to warm up my eyes for a simple matte eye shadow look for the office. [Update –  The ‘shadow’ lasted all day.  By 8pm last night I had to remove it, as it was still as I’d applied it the morning. So it speaks to the fact that this is a good quality product.]

I found this palette to be incredibly versatile and despite almost leaving it due to the price, I’m glad I took it. If you’re a beginner with contouring and highlighting….this is definitely a great palette to own. Online, people say it’s better than some high end contour palettes and good value for money, so seeing as I don’t know the value of a good contour palette, I’m going to then say that this is really good value for money.

The butter glosses smelled so good and I loved the swatches, but I am officially broke and will have to wait for Santa to decide I’ve been good and reward me with a few of the shades. There was so much I wanted to buy and try….. *sigh* If I was a rich girl…na na na na na na na na na na…..

Will you be getting your hands on this palette? Have you used it before? Let me know in the comments below.

I ♡ Makeup palettes {Review}

A few months ago it was my life’s mission to own a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I have seen so many bloggers and vloggers using it, talking about the amazing chocolate scent….the colour selection, the quality…. I sooooo badly wanted one. For the most part I wanted to sniff this chocolate scented makeup…I mean…chocolate scented makeup???? COME ON!!!

My cousin resides in the UK and she offered to use her mama as a makeup mule for me. I had to jump on that offer….we all know the struggle with customs and shipping fees when ordering makeup overseas. I thought this was my dream becoming a reality and I would soon have that Too Faced palette in my hands. In reality however, I still needed to plan which of my kids I’d have to sell for that palette. 3 kids ain’t cheap and neither is makeup. Something has got to give right?

Thankfully my cousin is perhaps a bit more level headed than I am and sent me a link for these palettes by Makeup Revolution. I went online, read about 20 reviews on the brand and the Chocolate Bar palette dupe and I was sold. I chose 2 palettes and with each palette there was also a free Bronzer/Blush/Highlight face palette that came with it.


When I was informed that the palettes were here, I messaged my husband immediately and said…’I don’t care what you’re doing, where you are…you don’t come home without my makeup! Go get it!’. A pity I didn’t give him an address…he was roaming around for a while until I could get him the physical address. lol.

First up is the I ♡ Makeup Naked Chocolate palette. 


The packaging is quite sturdy and cute….hello Milky Bar??? I love that the palette comes with a nice big mirror. When you open it up, there’s this slight chocolate scent…not too chocolaty. Quite pleasant. I would have expected it to smell more fake? If that makes sense.

Now I have been on the hunt for a palette with matte brown shades for quite a while, so I was thrilled when I opened this and found 6 shades that range from very light to dark. There are 16 shades, with a variety of matte and shimmer shades.


Swatch taken from here.

My swatches were not nice at all, so I’ve borrowed this picture. Link posted below the picture…I hope it’s legal to do that. *nervous giggle*

Just look at this shade selection!! That highlighter…the very last swatch in the bottom row is EVERYTHING! I just love the colour selection and it’s the perfect palette for everyday use or for a glam night out on the town. I find the pigment of the shimmer shades are a bit better than the matte shades, but I don’t mind it as I prefer building colour versus trying to get rid of a big punch of colour.

Next up is the I ♡ Makeup I ♡ Chocolate palette. 


This has the same chocolate bar look as the first palette and is supposedly a dupe for the Too Faced palette I was lusting over. The palette packaging is quite sturdy and also looks like a chocolate bar. So cute ❤  This palette has that same mild chocolate scent, though i think the first palette has a stronger scent than this one. I would have expected it to be the other way around.

Okay…swatch time….


Picture taken from

Initially I was concerned I was taking palettes that would have repetitive colours, but I definitely don’t think it’s the case. The dark palette has such a variety of colours as you can see….pink, plums, an olive green colour and then some bronzey browns as well. Can you ever have enough bronzey browns? No….  The shadows are soft, blend well and are very pigmented. I’ve compared the swatches online to the original palette and I’m really happy that this is a good dupe for the Too Faced palette…..and I didn’t even have to sell one of my kids 😉

I love this palette as much as the first one, but I use the first one more on a daily basis. These palettes at the time cost about 8 pounds and then I also got a little Iconic palette with each palette, so a really terrific buy!


This is the Iconic palette in ‘Golden Hot’ and I really really love this little palette. It’s perfect to grab and go when you need to do your makeup in a hurry or in the car.

I don’t like a bright pink blush so for me, this blush is perfect. The bronzer warms up my face nicely……and the highlighter…. *insert heart eyes*…I really really LOVE this highlighter. It’s a gold highlighter that you just can’t miss. This may be my current favourite highlighter at the moment. I know I’m a bit of a highlighter ho…..but…really….this is fabulous when you want people to notice your highlighting game ❤

The website has changed since my cousin and I did the order about 2 months back and I see this is where you end up to purchase these palettes: TAMBEAUTY.COM

They now retail at £6.66 each. When we purchased them, they were about £7.99 with the free face palette. A STEAL. They do offer worldwide shipping and I don’t think the rates are too bad personally. Considering for 16 eye shadows you’re paying about R130, order with a friend and split shipping costs, it should still work out to be a bargain.

If you have an Aramex account you can purchase from They are running a 3 for 2 special at the moment.

So if you were reading you’ll notice I only reviewed one of the Iconic face palettes…..which means there’s another one lurking about, which may or may not be stashed away for a future giveaway on the blog…… *chuckles*

Do you own any of these palettes? Have you ever heard of this brand?

LA Girl product reviews {Part 2}

Last week we got into some of the products available from LA Girl, and today we conclude this mini review.

For lips we have the Glazed lip paint in ‘blushing’. This colour is very much outside of my comfort zone, a medium mauve colour that’s a bit brighter than I usually wear.  It’s supposed to be like a lipstick with a super high gloss finish, which I think it is. It’s very comfortable on the lips and it’s really pigmented. I literally dab a drop of this on and spread it on my lips. I noticed this tingles a bit on my lips and I just realised it’s due to the slight minty scent it’s got. Nothing overpowering. A good buy and there are an array of colours.

RSP – R49,95

Next up is the LA Girl lipstick in Rendevous and I’ve already chatted about it in my Top 5 lipstick post here.


This is the LA Girl High-Definition setting powder. So a setting powder is essentially a powder to set your foundation and concealer. I also find if you have oily skin, this may help to keep the oil at bay for a while…not all day, but it helps. This is a translucent one so it is suitable for all skin tones.

For weeks I’ve been so annoyed as the pressed powder I’ve been using to set my under eye concealer has been causing awful creasing. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I changed my concealer, mixed my concealers, made sure I moisturised…nothing helped. I did a makeup sorting session recently and found this pot of white dust hidden amongst everything. I decided to try using it instead of my pressed powder (from another brand) and this made a world of difference. I still crease a bit by mid day, but at least for the first part of the morning I don’t look as bad as previously.

For the price, it’s a decent powder. Really lightweight and it makes my skin feel sooooo silky smooth.  A negative though is that when you open this pot, the powder literally goes EVERYWHERE. There’s a lot of wastage. I usually don’t even lift that cotton puff off the pot, I just dab my brush on top of it.

RSP – Around R59,95. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it.


Ladies, honestly….we don’t need to talk about this palette. JUST. GO. AND. GET. IT. NOW. Fabulous price, fabulous pigment, fabulous quality. I’ve spoken about this Nude palette before…we don’t even need to go there again. ❤

RSP – R89,95


Lastly I have the LA Girl glide Gel Liner in ‘very black’. This is a great eye liner. It’s really black and literally glides on. There are quite a few colours available and I keep meaning to go and buy a few more shades, but I swear I’m like Dory once I get into Dischem…LA Girl…oh look….Catrice….Morgan Taylor…..Essie…..Revlon….LA Girl….*what was I looking for again?*. Story of my life…..

The only negative with this liner is that it does transfer to my lower lash line or I find it smudges a bit in the corners after a few hours.

RSP – R54,95

I hope you enjoyed this mini LA Girl review. Let me know if you’ve tried their products and  also if there’s something I have to try that I haven’t.

LA Girl product review (Part 1)

A week ago I was quite inspired and had a clear plan as to what my blog was going to look like with regards to posts and themes. I was going to do all my photograpyhy (if we can call my pictures that), plan, etc….but…you know…life….

I’m a mom of 3 and that’s crazy on it’s own. Then last week we were planning a 60th birthday for my mom in a mere 2 days. More crazy. Then sadly on the day of the 60th my husband’s dad passed away. It was a weekend of celebration and death which was bittersweet. About his death I will say it was a blessing for him to be surrounded by his family and he went peacefully and I hope that will bring comfort to his children and wife that he leaves behind ❤

So that’s the update…sorry it’s a bit of a sombre one….

Today I wanted to do a review of sorts of the LA Girl products that I own, but I thought it’d be a bit long with everything, so I opted to break it up into 2 posts. A lot of people I speak to don’t know about LA Girl. I know…say what? SHOCKING!

Okay, okay I’ll admit that I didn’t know about it too…until I started reading beauty blogs and then only I started noticing the stand when I walked into Dischem. Now I can’t NOT go to the LA Girl section when I head to Dischem. It’s an amazing and affordable drug store brand and you could literally kit your whole makeup bag with their products and know you have some great quality products in there.


First up is the LA Girl PRO bb cream. BB creams are short for beauty balms or blemish balms. When I first started wearing makeup I found foundation too intimidating. For me, a BB cream is the answer to those days where you don’t want a full coverage (good skin days kinda day) or you just want a more even skin tone without feeling like you’re wearing a full face of foundation.

The LA Girl BB cream is by far my favourite one. It’s lightweight, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy at all and it’s also enriched with Vitamin B3, C and E. I honestly get a lot of compliments on how good my skin looks when I wear this, so it’s very natural looking and people assume I’m having a good skin day. A win right?

These come in about 8 shades. I personally mix the fair or neutral shade with the medium one to reach a shade closest to my skin colour.

RSP – R59,95


Next up are the LA Girl Pro conceal HD concealers in Medium Beige and the Green corrector. Off the bat, these concealers are really great value for money. The regular concealers are great for blemishes and your under eye area and give a full coverage. The ONLY gripe I have is that the product does not disperse evenly through the nozzle/brush tip, but I squeeze and then take what I need with my finger (I can hear you all gasping saying how unhygienic that is….ha ha) or a concealer brush.

The green colour corrector I use specifically for any red blemishes or spots I may have. My cheeks are prone to redness and then also around the nose area from the lovely hayfever and sinus…   Dab this with a very light hand, or you could be left with a tinge of green if not blended correctly. There are a few other options in the colour corrector concealers, but I must admit these sell out really fast and I’ve never managed to get any of the others. I am keen to get the orange for my under eye area.

RSP R45,95


Here we have the LA Girl Booming Lash Mascara. Okay so I have a bit of a mascara buying problem. I love to try out new mascaras… any given time I have about 6 or 7 open. Not good seeing as they don’t have a very long lifespan once opened. Urgh. So I grabbed this at one of the ‘Buy 2 get the 3rd free’ promotions at Dischem and I must say this mascara didn’t wow me.

The brush is really long and I just find that it doesn’t grab my lashes, so it’s a very superficial coat, which is fine for a day at the office when I don’t need my lashes to look  dramatic, but I wouldn’t repurchase this one personally.

I’m not sure what this retails for, but I’m guessing around R59,95.

So the last LA Girl product for today is one of the blush collection palettes in ‘Glow’. As you can see, this palette comes with 2 blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. From left to right:

– The 1st blush is a matte coral colour

– The 2nd blush is a lighter pink with a bit of shimmer in it

– A bronzer

– A highlighter

What I love about this palette is that if you literally can only grab 3 items to do your face, this one palette has at least 3 or 4 uses. So it’s a great all in one solution if you’re somebody on the go or even just starting out your makeup collection.

The quality is decent. I did have to swipe a few times for the above swatches, but I prefer that with the bronzer, it’s buildable and not a plonking of brown on my face.

The blushes are way more pigmented than the bronzer, so go in with a light hand. Personally I find the blushes are too bright for my skin tone (I’m allergic to pink on my cheeks), BUT I do mix it with the bronzer and that’s a comfortable shade for me.

The highlight seems very white and chalky when you first swatch it, but as you blend it, it’s actually a beautiful champagne shimmer…GORGEOUS!! The star of the palette for me.

I think this retails around R89,95 and there are 4 different options in these blush palettes for different skin tones.

As stated above, all these products are available at Dischem exclusively. If you haven’t tried LA Girl, you really do need to go and pay them a visit.

What are your favourite LA Girl products?

Part 2 coming soon…..

Top winter picks

After the oil slick that is Summer, we sometimes feel relief as the winter air sets in and our T-zone isn’t quite as noticeable…..but that is short lived as the oil becomes desert dryness in some cases. So as the season changes, so must our products.


I’ve put together a short list of items I feel are a must have to keep you looking hydrated and not feeling like a dried out prune in Winter.

Night Oil 


The 2 I use are the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and The Body Shop’s Vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil.

Kiehl’s MRC

The bottle states that this is ‘A replenishing Elixir of Pure Essential Oils and Distilled Botanicals to Visibly Restore the Appearance of Skin by Morning.’

It contains the following oils:

Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose Oil is an effective on skin barrier repair and boosting radiance.

Lavender Essential Oil 

Lavender Essential Oil helps soothe inflamed or irritated skin while helping reduce skin blotchiness for a more even look. Creates a brighter and more radiant look to skin.

Squalane (Perhydrosqualene or perhydrosqualene vegetal) 
A signature Kiehl’s ingredient, Squalane is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it’s easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.
I absolutely LOVE this oil. This oil smells amazing (though to some the scent can be a bit strong) and in the morning my skin just feels so good and well hydrated. It doesn’t leave an oily residue at all.
I was fortunate enough to be selected to receive this as part of a campaign held last year via Luzanne from Pink Peonies, so I’m not sure what the retail selling price is, but I know it is a bit pricey. My 4yr old first spilled some of this product and then my 10 month old managed to spill another third of the bottle…*sigh* Two sad days……
The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil
The label says this oil’s job is to ‘Replenish and recharge moisture.’
The key ingredient in this oil is:

Soya Oil

We source our Community Trade organic soya oil from Gebana Brazil. Gebana produces soya oil from GM-free, organically grown soya beans cultivated in the hinterlands of the Iguazu River. Gebana comprises around 350 families, mostly smallholder farmers. We have been working with them since 2006, because Gebana differs from much of the soya farming industry, which is one of the major contributors to deforestation in Brazil, by promoting sustainable farming methods and organic produce. Our Community Trade Soya oil products restores precious moisture to the skin and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with no tightness.

This is a great budget option if you’re looking for a night oil. This is also non greasy and fast absorbing. I love the scent of this one more than the Kiehl’s as it’s not as strong, but I don’t feel the oil is as hydrating as the Kiehl’s oil when I touch my face in the morning. In Summer however, this is perfect for my skin. The RSP when I purchased this was R155.00.

Moisturising exfoliator 


I use this Moringa Creme Body Scrub from The Body Shop and I absolutely love this stuff. I am so lazy when it comes to moisturising after a hot shower, but when I use this stuff I don’t need to worry about lotion that has me feeling all greasy in my PJ’s. To me this feels as if it exfoliates AND moisturises my skin in the shower due to the Moringa Seed Oil. Dual purpose product to me ❤ I bought this last year and the RSP was R140.00 at the time. I’m not sure if it’s part of their permanent rage, but I hope it is.

Lip Oil


I use the Essence prettifying lip oil on days when my lips feel dry and in need of some moisture. It isn’t overly oily or thick and it’s non-stick….*hey that kinda rhymed*. This oil contains Jojoba oil.

This is exactly that though, a lip oil. It doesn’t last all day as I need to reapply a few times. Also it doesn’t ‘heal’ dried lips as it isn’t a treatment. For the price I think it’s a great addition to your handbag on those days where you want a little bit of moisture and shine that a lip balm can’t give you.

Essence products are available at Dischem and Clicks.

Lastly, the most important thing for dehydrated skin is H2O…good old fashioned water. It’s honestly your best defence to keeping your skin feeling hydrated in Winter.

So what are your Winter must haves? Do you already have a night oil in your routine? If so, let me know what you’re using and loving.

Colourpop by any other name….

Would still be as amazing 💖


I’ve had a few enquiries as to where you can get Colourpop, what is Colourpop,  etc. Seeing as today marks the launch of them offering international shipping, I thought maybe it’s a good day to chat about it.

So Colourpop has literally taken the world by storm. They do Collaborations with well known beauty vloggers (Kathleen Lights being my fave and their 2nd one also launched today). New collections and releases are sold out super fast. Vloggers are swatching for us, bloggers are writing about it…everybody wants Colourpop. What makes Colourpop so unique (to me) is the formula more than anything. The texture is unlike anything you’ve ever felt. The shadows make a dent if you press into it. You have to swipe your finger into it to lift the super soft and creamy product and apply to eyes, cheeks, where ever.  It’s best applied with the finger.  I’ve tried synthetic brushes and they just don’t lift enough product for me. The shadows are really pigmented and they have such an array of colours and finishes to choose from (in their lipsticks, blushes, etc.)

Colourpop is only available online at and not in any stores. The cool thing is they have swatches on the site to help you gauge how it would look on your skin tone. They swatch on 3 different toned people, so you’ll find yourself somewhere.

I order Colourpop via Aramex Global Shopper (before they started shipping internationally), and I think I will continue to use AGS as the direct shipping works out to about $25 to Port Elizabeth when I did a mock order. With AGS, my shipping was R175. People have been complaining about AGS though, so I’ll see what the service is like with my next order.

If you’re interested in buying some goodies, register online and you’ll receive a $5 DISCOUNT CODE off your first purchase. That’s a free eye shadow my friend☺ Colourpop is also available from 3rd party sellers on Instagram, but it can be pricey. If you factor in shipping and potential customs though, it may seem like a better option for you.

Some swatches:


From left: Lunch Money  (highlighter); Eye shadows in Kathleen Lights, Nillionaire,  Tea Party; Ultra Satin lip in Echo Park.

I took these in the sun so you could hopefully see the full effect of the shadows, but I never feel the swatches do it any justice. KathleenLights is my favourite being this coppery shimmery goodness.

Nillionaire is awesome for a night out, being this glittery bronze colour.

Tea party is a bit more subtle for everyday wear.

The highlighter needs no introduction as I’ve gushed about it before.

The lip colour to me feels slightly matte vs satin, but it’s not a deal breaker.

I hope to do another purchase really soon as I’m really in love with this brand and it’s so affordable. Everything ranges from $5 – $8.

Will you be picking up some Colourpop soon? Have you tried it yourself?

My top 5 lipsticks

I was quite excited to do this post, because I know I have a problem when it comes to lipsticks….I always choose similar shades. To me they are world’s apart….I had one of these on yesterday and told my husband: ‘I’m wearing such a bright colour today.’…..hmmmm….no Simone, you weren’t. lol.

On the advice of a very persuasive MAC consultant once, I purchased the iconic ‘Ruby Woo’, because she swore I could pull it off. I got home and messaged my sister: Come and pick up a nice new red MAC lipstick after work! lol. I’m just so scared of colour it’s insane, but I am trying to push myself to try new things.

So I thought I’d pick out my top 5 lipsticks and then I’d also have an accurate view of how similar or different my top picks are.


On trial today:

MAC – Modesty (Cremesheen)

Gosh –  Antique (Matt)

LA Girl – Rendevous (Creme)

Rimmel – Soho Violet (Moisture renew)

Rimmel – Heather Shimmer (Moisture renew)

From bottom to top: MAC, GOSH, LA Girl, Rimmel (Soho), Rimmel (Heather)

Off the bat I’m going to say I really don’t time how long my lipsticks last. I wear a lipliner and after lunch I reapply my lipstick. It’s not a deal breaker to me if a lipstick lasts 6hrs or 2hrs.


This is a neutral colour lipstick, but leans towards a very light nudey pink for me. This is my favourite lipstick. MAC lipsticks smell amazing…this one I could just sniff all day. I like that this is more pink toned, because my lips are brown. True nude tones can make my lips look a bit ashy. This is a very soft and moisturising lipstick.

Available at a MAC counter. I think this shade has been discontinued 😦 RSP – R210 (at the time of purchase)


Okay so maybe the MAC lipstick is my favourite creamy type lipstick and this GOSH one is my favourite matte lipstick. I am obsessed with this shade.  It’s a bit of a chameleon….depending on my make up it can look mauve, it can look brown, it can look pink. It’s just brilliant. This is a matte lipstick, but to me it’s really wearable and comfortable on the lips, not dry like many matte lipsticks feel.

GOSH is available at Edgars. RSP – R110 (at the time of purchase)

LA Girl

Goodness….how many times can I use the words ‘nude’ and ‘pink’ in one post? So this to me is a nudey pink (surprise!). What I love about these LA Girl lipsticks, is that it has a flat top, so I never worry I’m going to break the whole lipstick off if I apply too much pressure like the regular round/slanted tipped lipsticks. This is also a lovely creme lipstick with a nice sheen and it’s really pigmented. There’s aloe, shea butter & vitamin E in this lipstick so it’s really nice and hydrating on the lips. For the price, it’s real value for money.

LA Girl is available at Dischem. RSP – R59.95 (at the time of purchase) 

Rimmel (Soho Violet)

This without the flash looks pink, and with a flash more neutral toned, which I think is the true colour to me. This has a subtle brown tone to it and it feels great on the lips. This was my ‘bright’ colour I wore yesterday…ha ha. I am obviously insane….

Rimmel (Heather Shimmer)

At this point, I give up! I don’t know how to describe these lipsticks anymore without using the words: nude, brown, pink, mauve, neutral. I get it universe….they are all the same shade in different finishes and different degrees of colour pigment…BUT they are totally different. On paper they sound the same, but the pictures speak for themselves right?

The Rimmel lipsticks were both purchased online at some sale for a steal. Sorry I can’t remember the details, but Rimmel products are available at Clicks. 

What’s your favourite colour to wear and your favourite brand? Have you tried any of the above-mentioned colours?

PS Ladies I don’t ask these end questions just for the sake of it. I’d really love to know what you’re loving. I’m always keen to try out recommendations 🙂