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Dischem Haul

I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. I work at a university and as you may know, the situation is a bit volatile at the moment, and as a result I haven’t been to work for about a month now. My posts were always done at work during my lunchtime of course (in case my boss ever reads this you know), my photos taken on my desk (yes I know you never would have guessed seeing as they are so spectacular…ha ha), so as a result, I’ve just been battling to get around to doing this at home when I’m permanently surrounded by my 3 minions.

I tried to take photos one Sunday. Lighting was good, got my trusty new fake flower prop and got ready……Enter the 7yr old. Oh mom can I help you? Mom can I take some of he photos for you? Enter middle child, 4yrs old and he attempts to photobomb all my pictures. Enter 1yr old baby boy and he is just on a permanent seek and destroy mission! Needless to say, I shot some really bad pictures (like they can be worse than they are?) and just called it a day. The insanity had to end. I had so many post ideas, but for posts, you need pictures, and that’s the part I’m struggling with.

Anyways…I managed a few pictures for today’s post so let’s try to salvage this blog….pretty much like the 2016 academic year currently. *chuckles*  Too soon?

So my husband sent me with his credit card to Dischem for some baby formula the other day. Bless him. Me, Dischem and a credit card?? What did he think would happen?


I was so excited to see that the LA Girl concealers had been restocked so I grabbed 3, 1 being a yellow colour corrector and then 2 other colours (neutral and pure beige) to try out. The concealers retail at R59,95 each. The coverage and quality of this concealer is AMAZING for this price, better than some high end and pricier concealers.


I’ve been searching for an affordable drugstore primer to save my more pricey primers for special occasions. I managed to pick up the LA Girl blah blah blah face primer. Seriously are all those words necessary??? LA Girl Pro prep HD High-definition smoothing face primer?? My word…. Okay…I bought this, but I think I’m returning this. I have only read bad reviews on this primer so I may go and exchange it before I open it. This primer retails for R79,95.

I saw the pack of CALA sponges (refer first picture above) for sale on a group I’m on and I thought if all the ladies were going gaga for it, I needed to get a pack. I saw it, grabbed it and happily I went off…..Until I went back to the post and realized everybody went nuts BECAUSE SOME OF THE PACKS CONTAINED A CALA BEAUTY BLENDER! I didn’t know when I purchased it, so I just grabbed like a real flippin sheep. Needless to say there was no beauty blending sponge in my pack.  *sigh* These packs are currently on sale for R32,95.


So this weird small hairbrush/big toothbrush looking thing is a facial brush. I meant to post a picture of the packaging, but I see the nanny threw it away. That being said, the packaging was so embarrassing as the description didn’t even make grammatical sense. I have already used this once and I did find it a bit abrasive on the skin, but my skin really felt so smooth and polished after I washed it. This retails for R29,95 so really not the end of the world if I decide I don’t like it. I’ll use less pressure next time.

Makeup lovers everywhere know that once your obsession takes over, storing your makeup becomes a nightmare. I’ve dreamed (and still do dream) of owning a huge acrylic makeup storage box, but I don’t have that kind of cash at this stage. I squealed a bit with excitement when I saw these cosmetic organisers at Dischem. They aren’t huge, but as you can see, it takes a few products so I’ve managed to get all my concealers in one draw, my mascaras in another and then my single eyeshadows in the top drawer. This really neatened up my makeup area a bit so I’m happy with this purchase. This 3 drawer organizer retails for R160.

Any affordable items at Dischem you can recommend that I have to try? Do you know of a good affordable primer?

My Clicks Haul

For September I decided to put myself on a 2 month ban from buying makeup, but boy was it hard. I don’t think I made it the 2 months…..I don’t know that I made it a full month, but the intention was there. Then I walked into Clicks and they were doing the 3 for2 promo…..goodness….who can resist that? Free makeup!!! Hello!

So I’ll just be doing a rundown of what I got. If  you want a review on anything specific, let me know, but I’m sure I will be featuring a review of some sorts on some of the products in later posts.


So I stocked up on these Cettua facial masks. They are a Korean skincare brand and if you watch YouTube videos, you’re bound to have heard about how fabulous the Korean skin care products are, so that alone made me really excited to try these out. I picked up:

  • Pore Control Facial Mask – 5 Tea Complex, cleans and refines pores. (I used 1 of these and wow… made such a difference in the appearance of my pores. OBSESSED)
  • Brightening Facial Mask – 5 White Flower Complex helps even skin tone and reduce spots.
  • Hydrating Facial Mask – 3 Mineral Water Complex intensely hydrates the skin.
  • Anti-Aging Facial Mask – 4 Marine Complex for younger looking skin.

These retail for R35,95 each, but on the promo I only paid for 2 🙂


Next I went to raid the L’Oreal section. I wanted to try out a new mascara and that ended up with me thinking, well buy another product and you can get one for free?? What’s to think about?

  • Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara – The legendary millionizer brush is now arched, capturing every lash. The arched shape perfectly fits the eyelid, resulting in intensity, curl and volume on every lash from root to tip. The wild shiny black formula dresses your lashes in an intense black. Together, they create our ultimate feline flicked eye look. (RSP R189,99)
  • Infallible Fixing Mist – Our first ever make up setting spray sets and extends your just-applied make up look for up to 24 hours. A micro-fine mist for a weightless feel and invisible finish. (RSP R199,99)
  • Colour Riche Lipstick in ‘Organza’ – Its rich formula is enriched with a combination of Omega-3 and Vitamin E and leaves your lips feeling moisturized. (I found this lipstick really moisturizing on the lips and long lasting.) (RSP R159,99)

Next up, I realized I needed face wash. I was really happy with the Johnson’s Oil Control face wash and mine was finished, so I decided to repurchase it. Well….you know, just buy another product, and???? get one for free! You know the drill by now 😉


  • Johnson’s Oil Control Facial Wash with grapefruit and lemongrass extract. I feel this face wash doesn’t make my skin feel dry and tight. This is also perfect for Summer when my skin is oilier.( RSP R49,99)
  • Johnsons Even Complexion Facial Wash with bursting beads, soy and red berry extracts. (RSP R49,99)
  • Johnsons Face Care Replenishing Night Cream for dry skin. (RSP R64,95)


Lastly, I previously posted about the amazing Aunt Jackie’s Knot on my watch detangling cream, and while at Clicks I spotted the cream and saw some items in the range that I didn’t know about and also conveniently on the promo.

  • Oh So Clean Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo – Sulfate free, paraben free, no mineral oil and no petrolatum. (RSP R59,99)
  • ‘Anti-Poof’ Moisturising and Softening Conditioner – Sulfate free, paraben free, no mineral oil and no petrolatum. This stuff is just as good as the detangling cream. Knots no more!! (RSP R69,99)

Did you take advantage of the Clicks promo? Have you tried any of the above-mentioned products?

PS Excuse the off centre pictures. I’m working on my pictures that I take with my cellphone and THREE kids trying to be involved/photographer/photo bombing/grabbing/destroying….you get the picture right?

Cloth diapering…who does that? [Part 1]

*raises hand* Me….I do.

Uuhm….Let’s back up. Where’s the makeup talk today Simone? Well I always saw this blog as a place where I talk about my loves and passion. My children are my heart and soul….my passion… okay just not at 4:30am when baby boy thinks it’s Barney time. *sigh*  So I’m going to throw in a parenting/parenting related post once in a while and even just products to do with my kids. What I love, what I hate. You have no kids or you’re really not into kids (even your own…it happens)? Then just go find a post that does resonate with you. Perhaps my August favourites?

Okay, back to my story. When my middle child was still with the stork back in 2011, I had this idea to try and save the world by not using disposable nappies. The stories I read about disposables taking a gazillion years to never degrade, made me fear for our planet, the planet that my kids would be needing for years to come. So I went online, did some research, and I must say I was majorly overwhelmed! The start up costs seemed astronomical. A dry bucket for wet nappies? Huh? How do I clean them? Most importantly…what happens to the poop???? Yuck. As much as my heart was in it, my head could not fathom how this would be possible. I quit before I even began.

Fast forward 4 years and in 2015 baby boy is baking and by chance, an online friend starts adding me to every nappy group imaginable. I had no idea this world existed, that these people existed. My friend kindly sent me 3 or 4 free nappies as a starter….to just kind of allow me to dip my toes into the pool. I was still pregnant and had no baby to test these things on….BUT people, that first cute batch of nappies arrived and I was smitten. There was no stopping me! I trawled the online groups every day, looking for the best brands, how to wash them, how to store them… somehow it all came together and I started spending money to increase my stash. A lot of money. More money than I would have liked to spend. Shhhh….don’t tell my husband. What started out as ‘save the planet…save money’ quickly became a bit of an addiction for me.


However, this post is not to get you addicted, but just to let you know that cloth diapering is not as overwhelming as it seems. It also does not need to be expensive. You can save a lot of money if you do not get consumed by the pretty must-have-imported-prints/brands/wahm (work at home mom) nappies. I am really passionate about using cloth nappies, and I really hope if you’re a mom to be one day, it’s something you’ll consider.

I want to do this post a bit backwards and address some concerns first and part 2 will deal with the various types of nappies :

Dirty diapers. I’ve taken it off the butt, what now?  A wee? Just chuck it into the bucket. A poop? If it’s more solid poop, just tip into the toilet and pop into the bucket. Runny poop, rinse under the outside tap and chuck into the bucket. Some people rinse the poop in the toilet using a sprayer (bidet?) that is apparently around R150 at most hardware stores, I however just use a tap.

There’s all this talks of a ‘dry bucket’. I literally chuck our napppies into my son’s baby bath that we no longer use. I find leaving it open is better otherwise the urine smell can become a bit pungent after being confined in there.  Before the bath, I used an old HTH bucket that we were no longer using. No special bucket was bought.

Cleaning the nappies are easy. I tend to wash my nappies every 2nd day, some people do it every 3rd day, some every day, totally upto you. On wash day, I throw all the nappies into the washing machine. I put it on a quick rinse cycle only. After it’s been rinsed, I add the washing powder (No fabric softener ever!), make sure the machine is nice and full (The nappies need to rub against items to get properly cleaned. It’s called agitation.) and I put it on the longest wash cycle on my machine. My longest cycle is 50 minutes. Some women wash them for like 2hrs. For me, not necessary. If I ever have a situation where my nappies are not smelling too fresh, I manually fill up buckets with hot water and throw it into my machine (I only have cold water connected to the machine) so they can have a nice warm water wash. That usually sorts out any smell issues.

Drying…hang them out on the washing line. The sun is your friend. I used to panic if I saw poop stains, but you’ll be amazed after being in the sun, the nappy would be as white as anything and stain free. Magic! The nappies can withstand low heat tumble drying, but I have no experience with that, so you’d have to get this info off one of the nappy groups.

Some things to NEVER do:

  1. Never soak your nappies for long periods of time. There’s a water proof layer that can become damaged from soaking (and excessive heat), called PUL. You never want to damage your PUL.
  2. Don’t use fabric softener on your nappies. Also make sure that your washing powder doesn’t contain softeners either. Ariel, Bio classic, Surf and Omo are all safe regular washing detergents used by most of us.
  3. Do not wash your nappies at a high temperature, nothing over 40 degrees, as this can damage your PUL (refer no.1).
  4. Don’t let your nappies lie in the dry bucket for days on end as I’m assuming you could develop mould issues. It’s never happened to me, but as I said, I wash every 2nd day.

The only problematic part for me with cloth diapering is if your baby develops thrush, then best to go over to disposables for that period and bleach strip your nappies to make sure to kill off all the thrush lurking in the nappy. If you don’t, baby could just become reinfected again. The bleach strip itself is not complicated, but there’s a right way to do it and you’d need to check the files in the nappy group on how to go about it.

So now you’ve seen that the actual nappy maintenance is really not too overwhelming. This may be something you are interested in, but where to start? What types of nappies? What are inserts? Boosters? We’ll cover all of that in the next post.

Have you cloth diapered before? Is it something you’d consider? Or not a chance in hell?