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My monkeys, my circus – Life with my kids

You know the saying….’The more the merrier’?  We throw a party and think…the more people we invite, the better it will be! #Whoop #PartyVibes

What ends up happening? More people…more problems, more drama….  Staying on the party train analogy, having kids….it’s kind of like a never ending party. You know the one where you’re the only sober one?

  • Trying to keep your drunk friends from running out into the street
  • Trying to grab a bucket to stop them from puking on themselves
  • Putting out snacks all the time
  • Constantly picking stuff up off the floor

Really…doesn’t this sound like #MomLife? I thought I’d do a summary of what it’s like in my house to have 3 kids. Continue reading

My top concealing mistakes

I don’t think there’s anything worse than spending an hour plus on your makeup, and looking in the mirror to see you’re so creased under your eyes! It’s my pet peeve, especially considering that I seem to think that I don’t have a bad creasing issue naturally (yet) under my eyes. Urgh…..  It’s been trial and error, but these are the top 3 mistakes I have been making!

20170523_131432-01 Continue reading

Makeup CPR!!!

I feel like we need to have a moment of silence for this situation right here 😦 #HighlighterFlatline


You gals will remember the excitement in the room when I received this OFRA highlighter in my April Boxycharm in this post. So you can imagine my heartache when I spotted my toddler with this in his hand, gasping as if he innocently discovered this at the very moment I caught him. He’s lucky I did not put him up for adoption the very same day!  He didn’t do all the damage though, he broke the lid off and cracked a piece of the highlighter out. I then taped it closed, put it in my bad meaning to depot it, forgot about it and dropped my bag. #SHATTERED highlighter and heart. Continue reading

#MorpheMe April & May brushes

In April I posted all about my #MorpheMe brush subscription. I’ve now received my 3rd and 4th set of brushes, so I thought I’d ‘unbox’ for you gals and you could see the variety and options available, being able to compare 4 months worth of brushes.

Most of these brushes have become my go too. There really is a difference in your makeup game when you’re using good brushes. My husband was quite shocked the other day when he heard I had received ANOTHER brush delivery. He was like: ‘how many brushes can you possibly need?’ *rolls eyes at husband*  I thought he got me…apparently not….but moving on….

I traded my April brushes for the March 2016 brushes. They consisted of:


Continue reading

#Glowgasmpalette {Review}


This post is so long overdue! I treated myself to the Glowgasm palette on Valentine’s day this year from Swiitch Beauty. I had seen this palette literally all over my social media pages, and eventually the FOMO and brainwashing kicks in and you just have to have it! So I got it 😉 Continue reading

Am I fond of Jane?

I have a bit of a subscription box addiction. Thankfully I do not live in the US or I’d probably be homeless or on my 3rd remortgage of my home. I find subscription boxes are kind of like a present to yourself…..a surprise lucky packet sort of present. So when I spotted a new subscription on the block, I obviously had to sign up immediately. The only issue that came up is that I had absolutely NO idea what the Fond of Jane subscription box was about. The tagline is:

Discover your pathway to wellness with Fond of Jane’s monthly subscription box.


Filled with exciting new products across fashion, beauty, fitness and more. Loads of fresh brands, and the best curated surprises with you in mind. It’s the perfect way to kick start your best year yet for a beautifully balanced life.

The box costs R299 and that includes shipping. Let’s unbox and see what I’ve gotten. Continue reading

Let mom chill this Mother’s day with Typo

Last week I did my Mother’s day gift guide (here) and I really wanted to include a few more Typo products, but unfortunately they do not have a South African website, so I was unable to include pictures and prices. I’ve now managed to get my hands on some products and prices, so I thought I’d just do a separate post, as I’m sure some of you are still going to be doing some last minute shopping for your mom, wife, aunt, etc this week.

Typo x Mothers Day (6).jpg

Typo’s theme this year for Mother’s day is all about allowing mom to kick her feet up and chill on Mother’s day. I think most moms would tell you that for Mother’s day, all they want is some me-time and to relax! I know that’s what I’d love. Let’s see what Typo has on offer to assist us moms with achieving this chill factor.  Continue reading