Gift ideas {Under R200}

I LOVE buying Christmas presents, but as the years have gone by and the family has grown, I find the budget is unfortunately getting smaller and smaller when it comes to Christmas gifts. I thought a gift guide would be nice to help you spot some gifts in different price ranges, this one being gifts under R200. I’m hoping to do one in a higher price range. Let me know if you’d like to see that?


I’ll be going from left to right.

  1. Golden wonder ballistic from Lush. This is a bath bomb that looks like a little present. If you shake it, it actually has a little bell inside so it rattles. Super cute and the kids love these. There are usually little stars in the middle as well, so when it fizzes and foams, there are these gorgeous stars floating in the water as well. I think they do dissolve if memory serves me correctly. These bath bombs have a wonderful citrus scent as they’re made with sweet orange, lime and congac oils.
  2. Also from Lush we have the Lemony Flutter hand cream. This is a lovely thick and moisturising cream that nourishes your hands, feet and any other dry areas you may have. I mostly use this to get my cuticles looking moisturised as they can get quite dry from my OCD hand washing habit that I have. This cream smells so lemony…it’s divine.
  3. Who doesn’t need slippers? I am always keen on a new pair of slippers and I love these ‘Novelty Band’ slippers from Woolworths. They look like cute and cuddly bunnies ❤
  4. As I mentioned, I have an unhealthy hand washing obsession and this causes me endless problems with dry hands. I love these combo gift sets from Woolworths and this is a White tea hand wash and lotion set. I have no idea what this smells like, as I haven’t used it, but the idea of white tea for some reason intrigues me.


5. I spotted this Chilli Addict set at Woolworths and I told my husband that I have to have it! There are 5 bottles: Spicy Sriracha, Chipotle Jalapeno, Spicy Peri-Peri, Fiery Habanero and Ghost Chilli. Chillies are life? Chillies is life? Chilli is life? Well, you know what I mean. I can literally add chilli to everything, so I need to try these sauces.

6. So you know chillies and chocolate…life, right? You can NEVER go wrong with a box of Lindt chocolate. Never. These are currently on special at Clicks on a 3 for 2 promo. No reason to be gifting bad chocolate to people this Christmas! No excuses!


7. Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Eyeshadow in Walking on Eggshells is a winner for sure! Their eyeshadows are so soft and buttery and also really pigmented. I love my Comfort Zone palette as well from Wet n Wild, but didn’t include it here, as the trio’s are currently on a 3 for 2 promo at Clicks, so more bang for your buck!

8. We all know what a mission it is to store makeup brushes. I thought one of those travel roll up makeup bags was a great idea, but to open and close it all the time is a pain in the buttocks. I love The Petunia by Lilli Makeup Boxes. It has little compartments to seperate the different brushes (if you have OCD tendencies like that), so I think this is perfect for brush storage. I’ll be doing a review on this and another box soon once my order arrives. #EarlyBirthdayPressieForMe 

9. LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow in Nude. If you follow my blog, you know that this palette is one of my absolute favourites. I cannot believe that a dupe for a certain well known palette, at this price, can be of such amazing quality!  These are available at Dischem.

10. Watching you tube videos you always see the ladies with these gorgeous brush holders behind them. Bedazzled, in gold, something pretty. When I look at my makeup space, I always wish that I had something cute to just add some pizzazz and prettiness to my space….enter these Glitter Holders from Nisa (Miss Belle Blushh herself). There are about 6 different designs and they are available for sale here. I cannot wait to add one or 2 to my makeup space. Wakeup, Makeup & Slay….hell yes!


11. This Rose Gold round large candle holder from Clicks I think is gorgeous. Rose gold is the rage…well it has been for a while now, so I was drawn to this immediately. I just think it’s beautiful and it’s on the 3 for 2 promo at Clicks as well.

12. I’ve been loving Typo for a while now and I’ve been buying their ‘heat sensitive‘ coffee mugs as gifts for a few people. I don’t know…I just love the concept of your coffee cup changing colour and revealing writing once the coffee is in the cup. Sorry for the bad picture quality. This one changes from: ‘Size Matters’ to ‘Size Matters, Nobody Ever Orders a Small Coffee’. I think it makes a cool gift.

13. Another cute gift from Clicks is this Glass Jar filled with scented tea light candles. The Jar says: To Love Laughter and Happily Ever After. The jar can be used as a storage jar for the candles or a cookie jar, so it’s dual purpose. So cute.

I must apologise for the bad picture quality. I used a different photo editing app and after uploading and seeing the quality, I honestly didn’t feel like redoing everything. It took forever and a day to figure out how to get them as they are now….so I’m really sorry.

Well that’s it for my gift ideas under R200. Anything you have your eye on for yourself or a loved one? Do you have any budget gift ideas to share? If so, leave a comment below.

The ‘Let’s get Personal’ tag <3

coffee-smartphone-desk-pen-01 (002)

I’m guilty of going back to some bloggers’ first few months of posts to see how they were doing, as some days I feel like I’m talking to myself, nobody is probably reading the drivel that comes out of my mouth from my fingertips. From doing this, I realised that the greats had a rocky start too, no comments, 1 comment….so there may be hope for me yet. Well I have no intention of being one of the greats, but maybe just to have a few regular readers, that would be awesome.

So during my snooping, I stumbled upon this ‘tag’ that was done like 3 years ago, and I thought it would be interesting to do it myself, and perhaps resurrect it if anybody else wanted to do it. Let’s start shall we?

Do you have any pets?

Nope. I’m not really a pet person. I love animals and hate to see them abandoned or abused, but I am terrified of them! (We do have a dog on the property though…and a cat, but both belong to my brother and his wife… technically I don’t own pets, but they’re around me)

Name 3 things that are physically close to you.

My phone, a bottle of water and my hand lotion.

What’s the weather like right now?

I think it’s warm outside, but it’s FREEZING inside my office.

Do you drive?

Yes, but I prefer my husband to drive me around when he can.

What time did you wake up this morning? 

Around 6:45am, my baby is finally sleeping way better ❤

When was the last time you showered?

This morning

What was the last movie you saw?

I watched The Whole Truth and it definitely won’t win any Oscars, but it was fine to watch on a lazy Sunday morning with my husband.

What does your last text message say?

Simone, your instalment on your store card this month is……

What’s your ringtone?

Oh my word, I don’t think I’ve changed it in a year!! Glory  – John Legend and Common

Have you ever been to a different country?

Yes, Uganda and Namibia. All in Africa though, no overseas trips.

Do you like sushi?

OBSESSED. My whole family is. My 7yr old daughter can literally eat sushi every single day. Her 4yr old brother is now also an avid sushi lover. I swear the baby will never taste sushi, it’s way too expensive. Once my husband and I had to share a plate while my daughter thought the sushi belt at CTFM belonged to her at their half price sushi days. Half price….R500 later. We couldn’t afford to eat with our 2 little rascals eating their weight in sushi….

Where do you buy your groceries?

Generally Spar and Woolworths.

Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep faster?


How many siblings do you have?

2. A brother and a sister.

Do you have a desktop computer, laptop or an iPad / Tablet?

I actually own none. The family has a desktop computer. The kids have tablets. Mom has a Samsung S5. I never knew I’d become this person…..

How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

*groan* Really? *sigh* 36……

Do you wear contacts or glasses?


Do you colour your hair?

Once every 3 years, but I’ve found like 3 grey hairs recently, so I have to start getting on top of it 😦

Tell me something you are planning to do today.

I am going to do my nails.

When was the last time you cried?

On Monday, when my sister announced it’s 55 days until her due date. I’m beyond excited to become an aunt!! ❤

What is your perfect pizza topping?

People will think this is weird, but I hate a lot of cheese on a pizza.I love artisan pizzas, super thin crust, minimal toppings. My favorite pizza is from Charlies in Summerstrand, chicken/gorgonzola/avo/rocket and fresh chilli. Technically it’s salami, not chicken, but I don’t eat pork so I ask them to swop it out for me.

Which do you prefer – hamburgers or cheeseburgers?


Have you ever had an all-nighter?

Too many to count, but way way back in the day…… my pre-mama young days….

What is your eye color?


Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?


What do you order at Starbucks?

No Starbucks in Port Elizabeth.

What’s one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?


What’s one thing that most people probably wouldn’t know about you?

I’m OCD about clean hands. I don’t like touching other people’s hands, heck even my dirty kids…they need to go and wash up if they want a hug. lol.

I am afraid of mannequins. *closes eyes* Yes, as ridiculous as that sounds. They make me light headed when I walk too close to them.

Name one thing that you want to do before you die.

See my kids grow up

What’s one food that you cannot live without?

Chocolate is a food right?

What quote / phrase do you live your life by?

When you know better, you do better – Maya Angelou

What’s your number one most listened to song right now?

Right now it’s something by Barney probably…I don’t even register that I’m singing along most of the time.

What kind of style would you define yourself as having?

None. lol. I’m honestly still trying to find it. I love casual and relaxed if I had to say something.

What is your favourite number?


Name two hobbies.

Reading and doing my nails.

Name two pet peeves.

Talking to somebody while they’re looking at their phone and I know they didn’t hear a word I said. I too am guilty of this, though I do try to listen as well…you know when it’s that super important email that you have to send right that moment.

People and their road rage issues. It’s so darn rude and unnecessary. I remember the day my husband’s dad died, we were driving somewhere. We were in no way wrong when this guy starts honking at us for no darn reason. I’m thinking, we’ve just had a death in the family 2hrs ago, you have no idea what a person is going through when you’re being an asshole….. just freakin relax on the road!! When did courtesy and patience become extinct?

What is your guilty pleasure?

Nail polish and makeup ❤ It used to be cloth nappies (???), but thankfully I’m done with spending R600 on one single nappy.

So, have you done this tag? Will you be doing it? If yes, post a link below so I can check yours out.


July Favourites


I can’t even believe it’s August already!! I so wasn’t ready for this post…. I grabbed my faves yesterday morning. I do all my stellar photography in my office….I literally took one shot of each item and that was that. Anybody that has a blog knows usually you take 100 pics of each item for that perfect shot, but I was like…oh no, it ain’t going to happen this month. Though truthfully I’m sure all my pictures look like I only took one shot and didn’t care how it turned out. ha ha

So let’s start this shall we?


First up is this large fan brush that I got in a brush set I purchased on eBay a few months back. I’ve always wanted a large fan brush and I am quite happy with this. This was a set of 18 brushes for a whopping $12 about, with free delivery to my door (Seriously!) and it came in a lovely brush holder bag, so just to have even 5 brushes in the set that I use daily is a score. This is my favourite in the set. It picks up product without much effort and for my highlight, it packs a punch.


My MAC brow pencil in ‘Spiked’ (RSP R210) is next. I had finished my previous MAC pencil quite a while back. I was waiting for NYX to get some stock in as I’ve read their brow pencil is quite good, but eventually I couldn’t wait anymore. MY only issue with my previous pencil was that the girl sold me the shade ‘Lingering’ and to me it was just too light. Thankfully a different girl was there on the day and she was shocked that I had previously used Lingering, she recommended ‘Spiked’ and I think it’s the perfect colour for me.

These MAC pencils glide on and fill in any patches you may have. Also if you make a mistake, it wipes away very easily. I love my brow mascaras, but if you have patchy brows, a pencil is a must have in my books.

Remember, any empty MAC container/pencil/bottle should be kept until you have 5 empties and you’ll receive a free lipstick when you take your empties to the store. Recycling, free make up….a win win situation ❤


For my face, I’ve been loving The Porefessional Pro Balm from Benefit (RSP R445). Let me start by saying, that before I started following blogs, I had no idea there was ANYTHING wrong with my pores. I have skin on my face. Sometimes they had pimples…that’s a problem…my pores however never got a second thought. Even initially it didn’t sink in when listening to bloggers go on about pores….and then one day you notice that you have volcano crates for pores and there’s no going back!

So now that we have our back story, I can tell you that this balm promises to minimize the appearance of your pores and it lives up to it’s promise. I dab this on those problem pores (I can’t even deal with this crap) and I see a big difference, as if it fills up my pores? It’s great stuff and I just repurchased the full size after trying a trial size previously.

I recently noticed I have pores on my forehead…..*shakes head* #CantDeal

Benefit is available to us in PE only from Red Square Beauty online. 

If you know me personally, you know that I LOVE to do my nails. It’s my therapy, my me time….and the more glitter and colours, the better. I got into nail art after binge watching videos from Hayls World. She just makes it look so easy, and with 3 kids, I don’t have time for complicated…..

I’m pretty sure I bought this shade as one of my first nail polish purchases ever. My daughter and her bestie were going to town with my nail polish one day and I never saw this one again despite rummaging through the toy box where I salvaged a few others. I stumbled upon it in Dischem recently and the memories came flooding back….and I had to get it again.

This is by Essie (RSP R115) and it’s in the colour ‘Eternal Optimist’ (144). It’s such a beautiful colour for all year round I think. I love my pink nail polish and this is a beautiful dusty pink, so perfect for Winter when my sister thinks my shocking pink nails are inappropriate. The colour is quite opaque and 2 coats is all you need. I love the colour selection from Essie, my only gripe is that I wish the brush was a bit thicker. I just feel the brush is way too thin for me personally.

So when I’m doing my nails, I find I always have an itch at the most inopportune times, I need to scratch my head, I need the loo….something needs to be done, and you know those nails are nowhere near ready for the real world! That’s where this Revlon 60 second Quick Dry Spray (RSP R120) comes in handy. I love this stuff. I wouldn’t exactly go and dig for gold after spraying my nails, but it gives me more peace of mind than any other nail drying drops or spray I’ve used. What’s great is that is sprays in timed bursts for each nail, so you can’t waste much….if that makes sense.

Essie and Revlon are available from Dischem. 


You know we don’t end a favourite post around here without an ode to chocolate…. This month it’s from Lindt and it’s the Sweet Popcorn slab. When I saw this at Woolworths and Spar I said to my husband: ‘Who on earth would pair chocolate with popcorn?? It makes no sense!’ Um….yes it does Simone…yes it does. I grabbed you and I loved you sweet popcorn slab ❤ I actually wouldn’t mind a bit more popcorn in this slab to be honest, but it’s just a great combination. Crunchy and smooth….hmmmmm….

Have you tried anything on my list? What are your current favourite products (or chocolates)?