My top picks of 2016

Every beauty blogger and their cousin by now has uploaded a video or post with their ‘Best of Beauty 2016’, so I’m a bit late on the bus, but we’ll still get to the same destination….right?  Today I want to just share what some of my all time favourite products to use in 2016 were. I’ll try not to make this too long and will go in order of makeup application.

Best of Beauty 2016

Primer – My ride or die will always be the Benefit Porefessional pro balm. It’s glides onto my skin and fills my pores. The balm also mattifies my oily bits which I love. I’ve yet to find another primer that can compare to this one.


Foundation – I have’t used many different foundations as I’ve found 1 that you’ve seen on the blog before, the L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte foundation. I’m in the shade Golden Beige, though I think that’s my winter shade and I should try one shade darker now in Summer. This gives me a medium coverage with 1 layer and looks very natural on my skin, so much so that people sometimes don’t believe I’m wearing foundation. This foundation is for somebody with oily skin though, or it may look a little dry, but a good mist of setting spray can help with that. (Available at Dischem )

Face powder – After seeing a few good reviews, I got the Yardley loose translucent powder and I really like it. It’s very finely milled and it doesn’t crease my under eye area like other powders do. (Available at Clicks or Dischem) 

Under eye concealer – I’ve seen many reviews on the Maybelline Age rewind concealer and I was praying it would come to South Africa, but it hasn’t. Thankfully I have a lovely cousin in the UK that said I could order goodies and when she comes to SA she’d bring it with her. I love this concealer. It’s not thick and it blends so well. My only issue is that I think the shade I got is a smidge too light for me, so I usually mix it with my other favourite concealer, from LA Girl (Pro HD concealer) that is a bit darker. (Available from Superdrug in the UK)

Eyehsadow primer – I loved the eyeshadow base from Essence. It’s affordable and it does the job.(Available at Clicks or Dischem) 

Eyeshadow palette – This is a tough one as I love all of my palettes more than the next one at some point in time. Only because this was a dream come true, the Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced has got to be my favourite palette for 2016. The shade selection is great and the quality of the eye shadow is amazing. I’ve said it in a previous post, there’s something in this palette for every type of gal…the ordinary gal and the glam gal ❤

Brow Pencil – I love the MAC brow pencils. They are creamy and blend in really well. Easy to smudge or wipe off if you need to fix a mistake. I just feel it gives such a natural fill to the brows. I wear the shade ‘Spiked’.


Mascara – There is a clear winner for me, and that is the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. The Roller Lash doesn’t clump, it seperates and lengthens your lashes. It’s just the perfect formula and I will repurchase it over and over.

Blush – Again there is no other contender in this category for me, it’s the Benefit Dallas face powder. (I seem to have a little bit of a crush on Benefit products don’t I?) A bit of a blush/bronzer hybrid, but I just love the flush of colour it gives, with no shimmer and I think it just goes with every single makeup look. I don’t even have to think about it.

Highlighter – This one is difficult. I don’t think I’ve found THE HIGHLIGHTER yet that rocks my world. I was obsessed with my Colourpop one in the shade ‘Lunch money‘. Today I’m in love with the one from my NYX palette called ‘Ice Queen‘. So in 2016 I basically just grabbed whatever was close by…I love all my highlighters on different days.

Lip pencilsEssence lip pencils are my go too pencils in any shade. They are affordable and come in an array of colours. I don’t think they’re the most long wearing lip pencils out there, but I’m not too fussy about that. (Available at Clicks or Dischem) 


Setting spray – My vote goes for the Me & Youth beauty spray (previously known as Beauty Fix). The ingredients, the lovely rose scent and the dewy look it gives my foundation just makes this a clear winner in my books. Apologies as I seem to have not included a picture of the new bottle and I don’t want to show a picture of the old packaging. Oi.  (Available on the Me&Youth website)

Lipstick – I’m not a big lipstick lover. I’m more a lipliner and gloss kind of gal. My most worn lipstick in winter was definitely from Gosh in the colour ‘Antique‘. Also a reached for lipstick was from Mac in the shade ‘Modesty‘. (Available at Edgars Stores)


Lipgloss – Another winner from Essence, but sadly this gloss was part of the limited edition ‘All that Greys’ launch and mine is basically finished, so I have no idea what I’m going to do 😦 It’s a nudey pink gloss and paired over a plum lipliner is just amazing! Also paired with grey eyeshadow, it’s simply stunning. The scent is also really lovely. (Limited edition, so not available anymore)


Hair – I discovered quite a few brands in 2016 and a brand called NAK definitely was the best shampoo and conditioner that I used. It left my hair feeling so clean, nourished and shiny, without it being oily. On the budget side, Aunt Jackie’s range from Clicks is a brand I fell in love with, especially for coloured gals with flyaway hair or knotty hair. The range is affordable and even has a flaxseed oil infused hair gel so it isn’t harsh or drying on the hair. (Available from RetailBox)

That concludes my ‘Best of 2016’ picks! I hope you enjoyed reading it and perhaps we loved some of the same things, or you’ve spotted something you’d like to try? Also if there was something you could not live without in 2016, please let me know below in the comments so I can look out for it ❤

PS I have NO idea why the quality of my picture is so bad. It’s fine until I upload it here. I haven’t had this issue before 😦 If anybody has advice, leave me a comment down below. I’ll try to play around with it and update the post.

EyeSeeHue Makeup haul

My friends who know me, know that I love to enter competitions! I tend to win a few once in a while and they always ask: ‘How are you so lucky?’ My reply is that you have to be in it, to win it! I am a mom of 3, struggling to pay her bills and keep the makeup addiction alive, just like any other family out there in these tough times. If I can try my luck at winning something I could never afford or things I really really wished I owned, why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

In December I don’t know what happened….lucky, blessed, whatever you want to call it, that was me. Okay I don’t win cars or R5000 in cash, but these little prizes make my heart all warm and fuzzy ❤ To me, it’s HUGE! I entered a competition on @JoziStyle to win a R1000 shopping voucher with EyeSeeHue Makeup and one morning, at 5am when insomnia was winning….I decided to check my emails and saw the delightful news that I’d won. I was ECSTATIC. Sephora, Too Faced, Eyeko……EEEKKK….any beauty junkie’s dream spree!


On Tuesday evening I selected my goodies and by Thursday morning they were on my doorstep…while I was at work! Talk about FOMO. When I got home, I greeted my kids, ate supper and then calmly went to sit down so I could open my package and savour the moment. So what did I order?


First up was this Sephora face mask set that contains 6 sheet masks. Each mask contains different ingredients and extracts (related to the name) to target a specific skin concern.

  • Orchid  – Anti aging and smoothing
  • Lotus  – Moisturising and soothing
  • Algae – Purifying and detoxifying
  • Rose – Ultra moisturising and brightening
  • Pomegranate – Anti fatigue and energizing (I have 3 kids…much needed! )
  • Avocado – Nourishing and repairing

This set retails for R400.


EEEEEEPPPPPP I can’t help but feel excited about trying this mascara out! This is a cult favourite, as evidenced by the amount of You Tubers that rave about it and love it. Initially it was out of stock, but the beauty gods knew my heart, because when Andrea contacted me to select my items, there it was, with a shining halo of light….*sings ‘Hallelujah, hallelujah…* So this is the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and it’s a full sized mascara.  The box promises more volume, more curl, longer lashes and drama! So we’ll see if it lives up to its reputation. The RSP is R330 which is amazing considering it goes for just under that on the Too Faced website.


The last thing I ordered was the BeautyBlender as I always need more beauty sponges and I was hoping to get a pink one. I got the red one, which I do already own. The sponge is GREAT, really worth it’s price, but the red one bleeds like crazy, so that’s the only thing about the red one that I don’t love. Once its been washed 100 times the colour is really ugly, but it still does its job and I’m not too offended by it…and I won it, so really not complaining, just letting you know what to expect if you get a red one. This has a RSP of R350.

As if winning this voucher was not enough, Andrea also kindly threw in a Sephora Kiss Me lipbalm in Cotton Candy as an extra little gift. It smells amazing and it’s just so freakin cute ❤ My sister entered to win this competition as well and she wanted one of these lipbalms….I’m considering gifting this to her. Pay it forward and all that you know, but this just smells so good….not sure if I’m going to be kind in this instance. lol. The lipbalm retails for R120.

I for one will definitely be supporting Andrea in future as her prices are just so competitive! Seriously go check out the Chocolate Bar palette on her page that I spoke about in my previous blog post. I can’t wait to see what other products and brands she’ll be bringing in next. I’m not sure if she’ll read this blog post, but Andrea, thanks again. Your babies have gone to a good makeup loving home ❤

Do you spot anything here that you’d like a review on or that you’d like to get your hands on?



My Clicks Haul

For September I decided to put myself on a 2 month ban from buying makeup, but boy was it hard. I don’t think I made it the 2 months…..I don’t know that I made it a full month, but the intention was there. Then I walked into Clicks and they were doing the 3 for2 promo…..goodness….who can resist that? Free makeup!!! Hello!

So I’ll just be doing a rundown of what I got. If  you want a review on anything specific, let me know, but I’m sure I will be featuring a review of some sorts on some of the products in later posts.


So I stocked up on these Cettua facial masks. They are a Korean skincare brand and if you watch YouTube videos, you’re bound to have heard about how fabulous the Korean skin care products are, so that alone made me really excited to try these out. I picked up:

  • Pore Control Facial Mask – 5 Tea Complex, cleans and refines pores. (I used 1 of these and wow… made such a difference in the appearance of my pores. OBSESSED)
  • Brightening Facial Mask – 5 White Flower Complex helps even skin tone and reduce spots.
  • Hydrating Facial Mask – 3 Mineral Water Complex intensely hydrates the skin.
  • Anti-Aging Facial Mask – 4 Marine Complex for younger looking skin.

These retail for R35,95 each, but on the promo I only paid for 2 🙂


Next I went to raid the L’Oreal section. I wanted to try out a new mascara and that ended up with me thinking, well buy another product and you can get one for free?? What’s to think about?

  • Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara – The legendary millionizer brush is now arched, capturing every lash. The arched shape perfectly fits the eyelid, resulting in intensity, curl and volume on every lash from root to tip. The wild shiny black formula dresses your lashes in an intense black. Together, they create our ultimate feline flicked eye look. (RSP R189,99)
  • Infallible Fixing Mist – Our first ever make up setting spray sets and extends your just-applied make up look for up to 24 hours. A micro-fine mist for a weightless feel and invisible finish. (RSP R199,99)
  • Colour Riche Lipstick in ‘Organza’ – Its rich formula is enriched with a combination of Omega-3 and Vitamin E and leaves your lips feeling moisturized. (I found this lipstick really moisturizing on the lips and long lasting.) (RSP R159,99)

Next up, I realized I needed face wash. I was really happy with the Johnson’s Oil Control face wash and mine was finished, so I decided to repurchase it. Well….you know, just buy another product, and???? get one for free! You know the drill by now 😉


  • Johnson’s Oil Control Facial Wash with grapefruit and lemongrass extract. I feel this face wash doesn’t make my skin feel dry and tight. This is also perfect for Summer when my skin is oilier.( RSP R49,99)
  • Johnsons Even Complexion Facial Wash with bursting beads, soy and red berry extracts. (RSP R49,99)
  • Johnsons Face Care Replenishing Night Cream for dry skin. (RSP R64,95)


Lastly, I previously posted about the amazing Aunt Jackie’s Knot on my watch detangling cream, and while at Clicks I spotted the cream and saw some items in the range that I didn’t know about and also conveniently on the promo.

  • Oh So Clean Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo – Sulfate free, paraben free, no mineral oil and no petrolatum. (RSP R59,99)
  • ‘Anti-Poof’ Moisturising and Softening Conditioner – Sulfate free, paraben free, no mineral oil and no petrolatum. This stuff is just as good as the detangling cream. Knots no more!! (RSP R69,99)

Did you take advantage of the Clicks promo? Have you tried any of the above-mentioned products?

PS Excuse the off centre pictures. I’m working on my pictures that I take with my cellphone and THREE kids trying to be involved/photographer/photo bombing/grabbing/destroying….you get the picture right?

Is the Catrice Glam & Doll a dupe for Benefit’s Roller Lash?

Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara has got to be my favourite mascara in the world. You can read about my love for it in my June Favourites post.  I sadly had to dispose of it a few weeks ago as it was past it’s 6 month shelf life and it started making my eyes itch. Now my sister likes makeup, in fact she was the makeup sister between the 2 of us….and now I’m the crazy makeup obsessed one….I have no idea how that happened.

Anyways, my sister is also a major budget type gal. She is not going to spend R300, R200 or probably even R100 on a mascara. She doesn’t get why I spend Rx on mascara, lipstick, etc. when there are many good affordable options out there. I felt it was my duty to expose her to Roller Lash, albeit, one that technically needed to go into the trash can, exposure nonetheless. So I was like, just try this once and then throw it away. Needless to say….she called me and apologised for her horrible judgey ways of my love for pricey mascaras. She now also loves Roller Lash, though I’m guessing it’s going to be more like a stalker type of infatuation….from afar….

Sorry that intro was a bit of a rambling, okay, so I saw a blog post recently and there was an insinuation that the new Catrice Glam & Doll was a dupe for the Roller Lash mascara. If I could find a dupe for half or a third of the price, I needed to try it out!


I don’t know why, but I battled to photograph the wand of the Catrice mascara, so I hope these pictures will do. 

As you can see, they both have a long curved wand, but if you look closely you can see that the Catrice mascara has less space between bristles compared to the Roller Lash. The Roller lash to me feels like it’s literally hooking and coating each lash, which is what it claims to do. Roller Lash doesn’t clump at all. I can do 1 coat or 3, I have never gotten any clumping with it.

The Catrice mascara does not have that ‘hook and coat’ feeling when I’m applying it. This mascara definitely adds length, but I find the formula to be a bit thicker than the Benefit one, so I do feel a 2nd coat already starts feeling a bit thick. With the bristles being so close together, I feel like it over coats my lashes? I’m getting product on one lash from 4 bristles. On the plus side, this doesn’t flake at all.

Do I think it’s a dupe for the the Roller Lash mascara? No I don’t.

Do I think it’s a decent mascara considering the price? Yes definitely. I grab this to wear to work most days.

Do I think it gives a ‘Glam and Doll’ effect? No not really. I was expecting a bit of more of a ‘doll eye’ effect to be honest, which is not the case.

Roller lash retails for R335 on Red Square online here. You can get a mini for R165, which is a great way to test it out and the mini lasted me for quite a while.

Doll & Glam retails for R79,95 at Dischem.

Have you tried either of these mascara’s out? What is your current favourite? I’m always looking to try out new mascaras, so leave your suggestions below.

Roller lash picture credit – Post by Molly King for




Mascara – when it’s time to say goodbye


Okay so I have a bit of a problem when it comes to mascara…. I want to literally #BuyAllTheMascara! Buying all the mascara may not be the worst thing in the world, but opening them all around the same time, that’s a bit silly.

Why? Well mascara literally has the shortest lifespan of all our makeup products. Apparently a mere 6 months. I think I’ve even read that you should toss after 90 days…..hello?? Hell no….I am never tossing my mascara after 90 days.Apparently once it becomes clumpy, it becomes a breeding ground for all sort of nasty bacteria which I assume, is not so good, being THAT close to our eyes. I do not have enough eyelashes to finish all my mascara in 6 months. 

Generally I like to stick to the 6 month rule, unless I’m obsessed with the mascara and I know it hasn’t been used much, I do try to push it to 7….8….9 months. My mascara however, is out to get me. Very soon after 6 months, I start developing itchy eyes when I wear mascara that should have been tossed 😦 Usually I assume on day 1 it’s allergies, by day 2 the itching becomes unbearable and I pour jugs of eye drops into my eyes….by day 3 it hits me….my mascara *insert weepy mascara stained face* That is exactly what happened this week when I started using my beloved Roller Lash mascara again. I then frantically went to track down my purchase history online and discovered that I had purchased this mascara in September 2015 and I probably opened it around November… making is about 9 months old now 😦  

So a farewell tribute to my beloved Roller Lash…..

Goodbye my lover.
Goodbye my friend.
You have been the one.
You have been the one for me.

The reason for this overly dramatic post, is that I think some people don’t know that makeup has an expiration date. Heck some of my friends (I won’t name and shame, but your name starts with a D…ha ha) don’t even know they need to wash their makeup brushes!  ( THE HORROR…and we will address that in another post…) Not everybody has sensitive eyes and can use their makeup for much longer periods…lucky you…I however am not that lucky. So if you are developing seriously itchy eyes, your mascara may be the culprit.

Okay so I’m off to plan how I can use the rest of all of my mascara within the next 4 days before they too take me to eye Armageddon…… Hopefully I’ll stop being so impulsive and maybe have about 3 mascaras in rotation going forward.

My top 3 mascaras based on what I currently have are:

L’Oreal False Lash Superstar (Red carpet black)

I’ve raved about this mascara previously on a favorites post. I love that it has this lash building fiber on the one side and then the actual mascara on the other side. It adds lashes your mamma didn’t give you and it’s super black and dramatic. Love. Love. Love.

Benefit’s Roller Lash

The wand on this mascara is fantastic and unlike any other. It literally grabs and coats every single lash and adds length and volume, but not in a supersized sort of way. Your lashes aren’t chunky with the layers of volume. I also find you can do 2 to 3 coats and it doesn’t get clumpy at all. This is great for a natural look with just one coat, or add more coats to great some more volume.

L’Oreal So Couture Lashes

I bought this mascara a while ago, but never used it. No idea why, because one day I grabbed it in a rush and I quite like this. The formula is a bit thick and I find it doesn’t add loads of length, but this does add volume. I feel like I have double the amount of lashes after using this. This is a chunky volume sort of mascara. (I swear these words make sense in my head.)

Next, I’m keen to try the Telescopic mascara by L’Oreal and then also the Lash Sensational one by Maybelline, though I’ve seen mixed reviews on the latter. Do you replace your mascara regularly or is it something that doesn’t bother you? What is your all time favourite mascara?