Mini Clicks Haul!

The struggle to stay away from Clicks and Dischem is real…..especially with these 3 for 2 promos that seem to run when you have no money! Like this Clicks one ended on the 21st! I mean…come on??? Throw a girl a bone…or some cash….or free make up vouchers. Too much to ask for?

So I innocently went to Clicks the other day because I really wanted to get some Essence nail polish. I was really keen on a coral shade that I used last Summer that is now finished…literally my Ride or Die last Summer ❤ Off I went and I passed the Revlon stand and thought that I really wanted to try the Gel Envy top coat and well, pick another 2 shades to go with it….score. *big grin* Let’s see what I got.


I saw these 2 Revlon colours together and I just had to have them.


Pocket Aces (130) that’s not pink, not red and not coral, but if I have to commit I’d say a bright coral? This colour just screams SUMMER!

Top Coat (010) which is a top coat…..

Full House (320) which is a blue/turquoise/aqua colour. I am just so obsessed with this shade and I know it’s going to be on my nails most of the Summer.

These Revlon nail polishes retail for R119,95.

So when I see new Essence products, I literally cannot control myself. I was broke, so knew I could not afford much (um anything, but hey did the baby really need formula?), but I wanted to just at least try one or 2 items.


Smoothing cuticle and nail care oil (RSP R37,95)

My cuticles have been so dry and awful looking, so I really wanted to try and find something to help with this problem. This oil smells so good! I apply it at night before bed (thanks Pink Peonies for that tip) and I think already coupled with hand cream at night, it’s making a difference.

Matt Matt Matt gloss in the shade 02 – Beauty Approved (RSP R49,95)

I’ve seen these glosses all over social media, so I think I’ve been brainwashed into thinking I had to try them (good one Essence PR!). Okay so I get confused with how a matt is also a gloss, but anyways…. this is very comfortable on the lips and has a mousse sort of texture.I’d describe it as a nudey pink/brown?  It doesn’t dry down to feel completely dry on the lips and it does transfer with every touch, but with Essence, for the price and colour range, I don’t really complain about their products unless it’s a total disappointment. I did need 2 applications, but I do feel it’s quite opaque with even just one swipe and I do love the applicator on the wand.


Lastly in my mini haul are these Essence the Gel nail polishes. My pictures were taken in bad lighting so apologies as I don’t feel it’s a true reflection of the actual shades.

Forgive me (13) that’s a beautiful pastel pink. (right)

Pretty cool life (83) is a very cool toned mint green colour that I think will look gorgeous with the pink shade. (middle)

Indian summer (24) is a beautiful pastel coral colour that I can’t wait to use. (left)

These Essence nail polishes retail for R29,95.

All the nail polishes I bought on the 3 for 2 promo, so I only paid for 2. Whoop! Did you manage to pick any up? Are there any other shades you feel are a must have for Summer?

Friday’s yay or nay?

I like to purchase random items….my whole family will just collectively do an eye roll and mock me straight up about some of my purchases that get delivered. I was an unemployed student back in the VERY LATE 90’s…an infomercial’s dream viewer. The amount of crap I got my poor dad to buy…oh bless him. So I had an idea where I thought Fridays could be about some of these items that I just can’t stop myself from buying…a ‘Yay or Nay’ series and I’d give it a rating depending on how I felt about the item. Good idea…bad idea?

Seeing as you can’t actually reply,  let’s jump into our first ‘Yay or Nay’……….


When I saw this being advertised, I knew that I would be all over it, like white on rice! Judging from the amount of times I got tagged on posts advertising this, it appears that my friends also know me very well. A nail polish bottle holder??? Why was this not invented sooner???

I LOVE to paint my nails. I love to add glitter, polka dots, heck I’d put the kitchen sink on my nails if I could….the crazier, the better. If you’re a fan of DIY nail painting at home, you know the struggle one faces when trying not to drip the polish all over the floor, bedding, your lap or table. It’s a real real problem. #ThirdWorldProblems. So when I saw this, I knew that the nail polish gods were smiling somewhere, because this has to be the perfect solution…..or is it?

Off the bat…..I  love the bright colour…it’s hot pink, what’s not to love? This particular brand also comes in a  beautiful minty aqua colour. This holder is super cute and the bright colour makes me smile.

You can see that there are 2 knuckle buster type holes at the bottom, and that’s so you can slide the holder onto 2 fingers. You then have the nail polish right above the nails you want to paint, so it essentially eliminates that ‘where am I going to put the bottle to give me enough time to swoop across to my fingers without dripping all over’ problem I end up having. This definitely helps me, because I love to paint my nails at night in bed after the kids are asleep. I do think this is better suited to when you’re painting your nails on a flat surface like a table or a desk, because I find with no firm surface, I tend to have no control over my hand and end up swaying my hand sideways, which I’m guessing could cause the nail polish to run out or perhaps even cause the bottle to fall out, which would be a nightmare. This didn’t happen, but I felt like a drunk person that had to keep remembering to pretend I’m sober and walk on a straight line. You all remember those days right? *insert embarrassed face emoticon* The bottle doesn’t budge though, despite how intoxicated my hand is, so that’s great.

Also it’s a bit bulky on your hand, so I have to literally peep over the holder to see my nails that I want to paint. I was wondering if they couldn’t make this a bit smaller, but if I consider how big a Morgan Taylor bottle is, to ensure it fits all brands of nail polish, this is the size it needs to be. I do just think it’s something I have to get used to.


I tried quite a few different bottle sizes and shapes and they all fit perfectly, which is great.

To me, I think it just takes a bit of practice to get used to having this holder on your fingers. All in all I think it’s a great innovative addition to the home manicure process. So it’s a YAY for me on this one and I don’t regret purchasing it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

RSP R129 available here on Takealot. 

Would you buy this?

PS Only a few more days to enter my Spring Giveaway here

PSS What do you think about the ‘Yay or Nay’ Friday idea? Yay or Nay? Let me know about any gadgets you think I have to have or ones I should definitely skip.

PSS I used the word ‘yay or nay’ way too much in this post….lol. Apologies.




July Favourites


I can’t even believe it’s August already!! I so wasn’t ready for this post…. I grabbed my faves yesterday morning. I do all my stellar photography in my office….I literally took one shot of each item and that was that. Anybody that has a blog knows usually you take 100 pics of each item for that perfect shot, but I was like…oh no, it ain’t going to happen this month. Though truthfully I’m sure all my pictures look like I only took one shot and didn’t care how it turned out. ha ha

So let’s start this shall we?


First up is this large fan brush that I got in a brush set I purchased on eBay a few months back. I’ve always wanted a large fan brush and I am quite happy with this. This was a set of 18 brushes for a whopping $12 about, with free delivery to my door (Seriously!) and it came in a lovely brush holder bag, so just to have even 5 brushes in the set that I use daily is a score. This is my favourite in the set. It picks up product without much effort and for my highlight, it packs a punch.


My MAC brow pencil in ‘Spiked’ (RSP R210) is next. I had finished my previous MAC pencil quite a while back. I was waiting for NYX to get some stock in as I’ve read their brow pencil is quite good, but eventually I couldn’t wait anymore. MY only issue with my previous pencil was that the girl sold me the shade ‘Lingering’ and to me it was just too light. Thankfully a different girl was there on the day and she was shocked that I had previously used Lingering, she recommended ‘Spiked’ and I think it’s the perfect colour for me.

These MAC pencils glide on and fill in any patches you may have. Also if you make a mistake, it wipes away very easily. I love my brow mascaras, but if you have patchy brows, a pencil is a must have in my books.

Remember, any empty MAC container/pencil/bottle should be kept until you have 5 empties and you’ll receive a free lipstick when you take your empties to the store. Recycling, free make up….a win win situation ❤


For my face, I’ve been loving The Porefessional Pro Balm from Benefit (RSP R445). Let me start by saying, that before I started following blogs, I had no idea there was ANYTHING wrong with my pores. I have skin on my face. Sometimes they had pimples…that’s a problem…my pores however never got a second thought. Even initially it didn’t sink in when listening to bloggers go on about pores….and then one day you notice that you have volcano crates for pores and there’s no going back!

So now that we have our back story, I can tell you that this balm promises to minimize the appearance of your pores and it lives up to it’s promise. I dab this on those problem pores (I can’t even deal with this crap) and I see a big difference, as if it fills up my pores? It’s great stuff and I just repurchased the full size after trying a trial size previously.

I recently noticed I have pores on my forehead…..*shakes head* #CantDeal

Benefit is available to us in PE only from Red Square Beauty online. 

If you know me personally, you know that I LOVE to do my nails. It’s my therapy, my me time….and the more glitter and colours, the better. I got into nail art after binge watching videos from Hayls World. She just makes it look so easy, and with 3 kids, I don’t have time for complicated…..

I’m pretty sure I bought this shade as one of my first nail polish purchases ever. My daughter and her bestie were going to town with my nail polish one day and I never saw this one again despite rummaging through the toy box where I salvaged a few others. I stumbled upon it in Dischem recently and the memories came flooding back….and I had to get it again.

This is by Essie (RSP R115) and it’s in the colour ‘Eternal Optimist’ (144). It’s such a beautiful colour for all year round I think. I love my pink nail polish and this is a beautiful dusty pink, so perfect for Winter when my sister thinks my shocking pink nails are inappropriate. The colour is quite opaque and 2 coats is all you need. I love the colour selection from Essie, my only gripe is that I wish the brush was a bit thicker. I just feel the brush is way too thin for me personally.

So when I’m doing my nails, I find I always have an itch at the most inopportune times, I need to scratch my head, I need the loo….something needs to be done, and you know those nails are nowhere near ready for the real world! That’s where this Revlon 60 second Quick Dry Spray (RSP R120) comes in handy. I love this stuff. I wouldn’t exactly go and dig for gold after spraying my nails, but it gives me more peace of mind than any other nail drying drops or spray I’ve used. What’s great is that is sprays in timed bursts for each nail, so you can’t waste much….if that makes sense.

Essie and Revlon are available from Dischem. 


You know we don’t end a favourite post around here without an ode to chocolate…. This month it’s from Lindt and it’s the Sweet Popcorn slab. When I saw this at Woolworths and Spar I said to my husband: ‘Who on earth would pair chocolate with popcorn?? It makes no sense!’ Um….yes it does Simone…yes it does. I grabbed you and I loved you sweet popcorn slab ❤ I actually wouldn’t mind a bit more popcorn in this slab to be honest, but it’s just a great combination. Crunchy and smooth….hmmmmm….

Have you tried anything on my list? What are your current favourite products (or chocolates)?

Budget beauty and mini review

I can’t walk into Clicks or Dischem without checking out the budget offerings at the make up section.  I have a big problem… I lured my husband to Dischem under the pretense of us needing formula for the baby. He said he could see how I could confuse the make up section and the baby section when he saw we were standing in front of a stand called ‘Physicans Formula’ 😂😂 Thankfully my husband knows the demons I battle.

So I picked up a few random items this weekend….lets take a look.


Nail polish….*sigh* Can you ever have enough nail polish? At this stage I could probably open up my own nail salon.

Essence The Nudes in Nude sweet nude (10)

This is a stunning metallic bronzey nude. I’m obsessed with this colour and already used it this weekend. Metallics are all the rage at the moment, with Colourpop even releasing metallic lip items (that are sadly already sold out), so this nail polish is perfect for the season.

Wet n Wild in Yo Soy (E458C)

This is definitely not a colour I already own. It’s literally like a nude soy colour if that makes sense? I really like it and matched it with the metallic essence shade above over the weekend.

Essence Gel Polish in Serendipity (37)

I would describe this as a really pretty lilac-grey type colour? In the store I couldn’t quite figure out if it was grey or purple….at home I swatched it and a grey lilac is what it looks like to me.

Essence Gel Polish in I 💙 my blue jeans

This is a stunning matt navy blue polish. I’ve been dying to pair this with either a light grey or peach accent sort of situation.

All these polishes applied beautifully with 2 coats.

Essence make me brow gel mascara in browny brows (02)

I’m always looking for good brow products and I’ve been reading that this is quite comparable to Benefit’s Gimme Brow at a fraction of the price. Your make up is only as good as your brow game! I love the brush of this, it’s really the perfect size to coat your brows and the colour is PERFECT for my dark brown brows. I do believe this also comes in a blonde brown as a lighter shade. I still use a gel over this, because I seriously have the world’s most unruly brows, but if pressed for time, I think this is the only item you’d need in your make up bag.

I’ve been on the hunt for the new Essence lip liners, but alas…PE just doesn’t seem to stock it 😦  I just grabbed one of their regular ones in Satin Mauve (06).  A lip liner is really awesome at extending the wear of your lipstick and Essence gives you an amazing product at a really good price. You can afford to get one in every colour.


Next up is this Flannel facial cloth from The Body shop. My sister in law recommended it to me, and TBS was having 20% off on it, so obviously it was meant to be. I wasn’t quite sure if I needed this, but I decided to give it a go last night. I had already washed my face twice and used my Garnier Micellar water to remove my make up. I admit I did a bit of a half arsed job, but I still thought my face was reasonably clean. I rinsed the cloth with warm water and gave my face a wipe…..hmmmm…..make up residue! Oops. My skin also felt really cleansed and soft after I used this cloth. So I’m very happy with this purchase. It retails for R65, but I paid R52 with the promotion that was running this past weekend.


Lastly I picked up these nose pore strips from Clicks. Oh boy….. mixed feelings about this. It did an excellent job in ‘perfecting’ my nose, my nose was so smooth after using it, BUT I think I lost some skin with removing this. I have some tender red spots on my nose this morning. It actually burnt when I washed my face. I’m not sure if I used it wrong or if this was just too heavy duty for my needs. I’ve used pore strips before and didn’t have this problem. So I have a pack to get through, so if I chance it again, I’ll report back if I still have a nose or not.

Well that’s it from me. If you’re interested in any specific kind of posts, please comment below and let me know…and even if you just enjoy reading, say hi below and leave a comment 😉

All these products are available from either Dischem or Clicks and range from R17,95 to R44,95 each.


Just another ‘mani’ Monday

Get it? Are you singing along? If you’re not…..I’m obviously super old 😂🙈


Okay so we’re all about that grey, bout that grey…. My sister will tell you that I can literally do that all day, make a song about everything. Maybe I was a singer in a previous life?

Another thing my sister may tell you, is that I’m obsessed with doing my nails. The more colours and GLITTER, the better. She regularly complains that my nails may actually blind her.

So I’ve been waiting for the Essence ‘All that greys’ collection to hit since about April I think? It was delayed and I thought perhaps I made it up in my head. Finally, when walking into Clicks on Wednesday last week, there it was…with that halo ‘hallelujah’ music playing. Unfortunately there were only 2 colours left, so I took them, along with a lip gloss and some nail stickers.

On Thursday I then went to another Clicks and I found another 2 colours. I think I managed to get 4 of the 5.


From left to right we have:

05 – Roaring red

This is a bit more of a burgundy colour to me and then it has a pearly matt finish. It’s a gorgeous colour. Perfect for winter. At first I thought it was similar to Morgan Taylor’s ‘A touch of sass’, but when I swatched the 2 together,  this is definitely a more burgundy colour.

01 – Back to black

This is also a pearly matt finish. I was quite excited about this one as I thought it was super black, but when I swatched it, it’s more of a very dark grey. It’s still a lovely colour and perhaps better being a more toned down black, so not as goth, if you’re not into that pitch black sort of look.  The pearl flecks are a bit more prominent in this one.

02 – Step into the grey zone

This is a lovely dark grey with a high gloss finish. 2 coats and you’re good to go. The gloss is nice and shiny and I think this colour hits the nail on the head for winter.

04 – Girl with a pearl

I wasn’t going to take this, but I was looking for a white polish that doesn’t look like tippex, and this is perfect. It’s definitely more white than grey, but it’s lovely with the high gloss finish like the shade 02.

All of them need 2 coats for a beautiful even finish.   Personally not a lover of the Matt look, so I add a shiny top coat as well.

I love nail art stickers and already used the pearl stickers. They are just super tiny,  so I need to figure out how to use them a bit better.

I was really excited for this collection and Essence definitely did not disappoint. For the price and quality of their nail polish, there’s truly no excuse not to have a fabulous manicure every day of the week 😉

Lastly the lip gloss is in the colour ‘That’s what Rose would do’ (02) and oh my….I really like this gloss. It smells DIVINE!  Like cauliflower 😂 It’s a lovely sweet smell, but not overpowering and the formula is good. It’s not sticky and I found it lasted quite a while on my lips. After my shower my lips still felt a bit moisturised even though most of it was washed off. In truth I loved it so much, I think I tried not to wash my mouth. Lol. The colour is really really nude on my brown lips, bordering on ashy, but I don’t know, I just really like it.

The nail polishes and the lip gloss retail for R38,95 at Clicks. It is also available at Dischem, but I haven’t seen it there yet myself.

The eyeshadow palette looked great…lovely shades of pink and grey, and swatching it in store, I didn’t find the shadows to be powdery as the cheaper palettes can sometimes be. It seemed to be a decent formula for the price, but don’t hold me too that as it was a quick swatch.

Let me know if you picked anything up in the collection or if you have your eye on anything.