Fushin {Mini restaurant review}

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I spent most of the festive season eating! Hence the diet I’m desperate to start right now, but that’s another post for another day.

My husband and I are really creatures of habit when it comes to where we dine. On the rare occasion we step out of our comfort zone, 9 times out of 10, we end up disappointed and we wish that we just went somewhere reliable. Somewhere where they serve good food. Every. Single. Time.

One of those good food places is Fushin. If you’re a friend of mine (or my 8yr old daughter), you know that our love for Fushin knows no limits. Payday or end of the month salticrax days, when the craving hits, Fushin is the place that beckons us…welcomes us. Seriously, we see the waiters there more than our own family members.


Fushin has 2 restaurants in Port Elizabeth at the moment, one situated in the vibey Richmond Hill area and the other, the Champagne and Tapas Bar, situated in the Baywest Mall.

I was so excited to learn that Fushin would be opening in Baywest mall, but I’ll be honest when I say, I’m not the biggest fan of the concept of eating in public. I feel we’re eating ‘high end’ sushi, and for that I think an enclosed restaurant would feel more appropriate. I am no food critic or ‘knower of all’, so this is just my feeling. I’m sure the owner had his reasons for the layout, and despite my feelings, we go and do the eat in public thing, because the food is THAT GOOD!

When I say we are creatures of habit, I mean it. Our order without fail:

Starter -as many tempura prawns as we can afford.

Sushi – The Blue Flame and The Peruvian Prince. (They were out of scallops on the day we went, so we opted for the Mexican Tuna instead)

In winter I live on their thai green chicken curry ❤ It’s the best in PE for sure!  

Drinks – A glass of dry white wine for me and some sort of beer for the mister. He claims this craft beer is the best he’s ever had 😉


Besides being beautifully presented, the food always tastes as good as it looks.

I meet many people that seem to think Fushin is a very pricey restaurant, but I maintain, go to another fish and chips sort of sushi dig, and for fifty bucks you get 4 pieces of sushi, whereas a Mexican Tuna for example is around eighty bucks for 8 pieces. So when you compare the price to the actual quantity, nope, Fushin is definitely not expensive and you’re getting top quality sushi. Wine a smidgen on the pricey side if you’re going by the glass. For R48 a glass I’d like my glass slightly more filled. #JustSaying

My mom only started eating sushi later (like super late, you know, because she’s a fossil now 😉 ) in life, because she was curious as to what her 5yr old granddaughter was so obsessed with. Today my mom only eats sushi from Fushin (it kind of runs in the family), so you have to know it’s THAT good!

We need to share the good spots to eat in Port Elizabeth. I’m just so sick of wasting money on an experience and food that I didn’t enjoy. So I hope if you’ve never tried Fushin before, you’ll give them a try, though seriously, by now…everybody SHOULD have tried Fushin at least once 😉

Have you eaten there before? What’s your favourite sushi spot?

You can find Fushin’s Facebook page here.


Keeping up with the Joneses

I’m always game to try a new restaurant out, and even more so, when it’s kid friendly! So I’ve been wanting to try The Joneses out for a while now, but just haven’t had the opportunity. We ended up going for a drive on Saturday and I thought it was perfect to stop there with 2 of my 3 kiddos.


There’s a place called The Treehouse Kids literally 5 steps away from the restaurant where your kids can play while you eat. So this sounds like a dream for any parent!

When you get there, the place sure doesn’t look kid friendly as I think the decor is quite elegant. I was worried my 1yr old would pull everything to the floor. We went to check out the play area first and signed the 2 boys in. Okay firstly, I am NOT a mom that leaves my kids anywhere. There are kiddie play places where you can drop them off, have them, tagged and collect them later. I cannot do that, so even 5 steps away, I found this to be incredibly hard, especially with my 1yr old. On top of that, he was left alone while the receptionist ate lunch. She said as soon as she was done with lunch, she’d be tailing him. I asked my 4yr old to just hang out with his brother until they could allocate somebody to watch him.

We chose a table on the deck with full view of the play house so I could see baby boy with every step that he took…and poor middle boy following him around while everybody else played. The receptionist did eventually start tailing him and I sent hubby to tell middle boy his babysitting duties were over (as he was still tailing him with adult supervision).

We ordered some drinks and tapas and within about 20 minutes a minder came with baby boy as he was not happy there. I was relieved actually.

Drinks were prompt and I found the menu to be very interesting. I loved the idea of tapas for R20 and R30 per plate, so I just chose 2 as I wasn’t super hungry. I also asked for a child seat/high chair and one was brought so my 1yr old could sit and eat and I didn’t have to worry about him running around.

I ordered the beef ravioli and the beef short rib. The beef short rib was really delicious! I could eat a whole plate. My husband had some sticky rice dish (will pass on this next time), chicken kebabs (yummy) and chicken wings (he enjoyed). My mother in law had a broth which she loved, the beef ravioli and pork ribs. She enjoyed all 3 her dishes.

So my negatives about the place:

  • I could be wrong, but when the place first opened, if you ate for R100 (example), your child could play for free, so I was a bit surprised that I had to pay for the boys to play. (This however is a positive and negative. – see below)
  • I wish I felt more at ease with my child being in their care. We were only 1 of 3 tables so it wasn’t busy, though there was a party winding up. There was a minder that was so involved and playing with a little girl, I was wishing my baby boy ended up with him and not somebody just trailing him. He’s 1, he needs some sort of guidance and interaction, but perhaps age 1 is too young for this sort of situation.
  • The place is lovely, but I’m honestly so scared that my 1yr old will destroy the lovely decor. There are stunning porcelain plant holders on a low ledge that I know my boy will push over if given the chance.
  • I wish the railing was a bit more protected. I worried that my son could fall through and into the pond.


  • Paying for your child to play isn’t the end of the world if you consider that perhaps not 1000 kids will be playing there, because their parents don’t want to pay to play. So it may be quieter which I like.
  • There is a minder to watch your kids. I’m not saying I will make use of this option again for my 1yr old, but for slightly older kids (and my older kids), I think this is a great option.
  • The food was really nice. (We had a bit of a mix up where they gave me my mil’s pork instead of my beef, and I’m allergic/don’t touch pork with a 10 foot pole and I ended up taking a bite. An apology from the manager would have been nice, but I know to pay better attention in future. )
  • The menu really offers a lovely variety and suits every pocket I think.
  • The glass of wine was nice and full!! Full marks here….you know the sad situation when you get 1/3rd of a glass of wine. ha ha
  • The kiddies menu is really packed with options for the kids.

I’d definitely say try them out. They seem to have great holiday activities for the kids and the Treehouse also does parties. They’re situated in the Bloomingdales Nursery Centre in Walmer.

Have you ever been to The Joneses?

The Charlie’s Pizza Experience

People that know me, know that I don’t love commercial pizzas. You know the ones that come in multiple deckers, overloaded with cheese and toppings? That is just not my scene. I didn’t know what it was, why I had this dislike for pizza, but I just started to avoid it. I know some of you are like…okay crazy lady….. *rolls eyes at me*

AND THEN IT HAPPENED… day I was introduced to a different kind of pizza. Super thin crust, not round (in a traditional 360 degree way), little bits of cheese dropped onto it, freshly grated parmesan, fresh rocket/basil and meat toppings. OH. MY. SOUL. What is this sorcery?


Charlies Pizza is located in Summerstrand and I have to say it is one of my (and my husband’s) favourite food spots in Port Elizabeth. Any time we can sneak away for a lunch date this is the place we literally run too. The restaurant itself is spacious and the décor simplistic, but modern. One thing I love (besides the FREE WIFI) is also that they write the specials on the wall, so no need to ask or look around on the table for a menu with the specials on. The price is also there, so you know immediately what suits your pocket and what doesn’t.


On the topic of suiting your pocket, we saw they had panini’s for R29,99 and we decided to get one to try. I ordered the basil pesto, cheese and tomato panini. Gals….their basil pesto is out of this world ❤ You can see they also aren’t shy with lettuce, as this is something one really looks forward to….half a head of lettuce on your roll. ha ha. Jokes aside, and excess lettuce removed, this panini was fantastic and tasty.

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer and especially NOT a food photographer. I apologise to the owners of Charlies Pizza if my food pictures negatively affect their business, but what I lack in talent in capturing food pictures, I make up in the love I have of the food I tried to photograph.

Okay, back to the food. People…this pizza may not look like much, but don’t let that fool you.  The flavor packed into this pizza is out of this world. On the menu it’s a gorgonzola/salami and avocado pizza, but I swop out the salami for chicken as I don’t eat salami. This is the pizza of my dreams. There aren’t enough descriptive words for the love affair my husband and I have with this pizza. We’ll randomly check in and be like: okay so you had 2 slices already right? #ImWatchingYouWatchingMe  We try to pretend we’ll order something different, but all roads lead back to this pizza, and my husband ordinarily does not even eat gorgonzola. PS You have got to try it with the fresh chillies they serve on the side.

The waitress there is one talented lady as well! We had the most complicated drinks order and I’m always swopping toppings out and this gal didn’t break a sweat….or even need a pen and paper. I asked her: Are you sure you have all that? Needless to say, everything came exactly as we wanted it.

What I did not photograph purely because I eat it before anybody can ask me for a piece, is their Macadamia nut cheesecake. *shakes head* I can’t think about this cheesecake without wanting to cry. I can only think that this cheesecake is made with unicorn and fairy dust. The macadamia nuts are caramalised, but unlike other variations of this cheesecake at other establishments, these nuts do not threaten to break every one of my teeth if I try to eat it. It’s soft and crunchy and just pairs so well with the cheesecake.

I can’t vouch for all their dishes obviously, but I can say that we’ve never left there disappointed. I’m also very grateful for the fact that they will swop out toppings for me without a fuss. I hate going to a place and I get a stare and a: ‘I need to talk to the manager’, as when you don’t eat pork products (it’s not religious, just a preference) a menu can be limiting. I can go there and know they will always try to accommodate me without making me feel like I’m difficult. They also make a darn good cappuccino. Great food and great service, that’s a good standard to have 🙂

Have you eaten at Charlies Pizza & Pasta before? Are there any other great restaurants in Port Elizabeth that I have to try?