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March favourites!


Eeeekkk it’s been ages since I’ve done one of these posts, but I’ve really been loving the following products, so I just wanted to give them a well deserved shout out!



Nose Pore Strips (RSP R29,99)

After I took the combined favourite pictures, I couldn’t wait to use my last pore strip. I opened the pack and realised it was the charcoal one (as it says on the outside…Oi), so it’s the wrong pore strip in the top picture. Damn you cosmetic people for putting them all in shiny silver packaging! This charcoal one is great, but it has ripped my skin at the tips of my nostrils and it burns for a good 2 days thereafter. I’ve tried it about 3 times and each time is the same. So I discovered the Skin Strategy ones from Dischem (2nd picture above) and they are great. They work well, no ripping off of my skin or burning and they are the cheapest I’ve found! 10 strips for 30 bucks? Bargain of note! PS Am I the only one that is intrigued after using a pore strip? Every. Single. Time. Like I want to frame it….so gross I know. lol


Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette (RSP R700)

This is literally my 4th child. Look at that colour selection ❤ Every single time I have done my makeup in the 2 months since receiving this, I have used it. This is one of the best purchases I have made makeup wise. I love mixing the colours and I find I’ve become bolder in terms of the colours I use on my lips. Usually I’m a nude lipstick kinda gal, but I’ve definitely been rocking pink and burgundy lips lately. Go me!

The brush it comes with is also excellent and offers precision for applying your lipstick. Also the mirror in this palette is amazing! I always wondered why YouTubers say: it has a good mirror. Now I know.

Okay, the bad news? This was a limited edition item, so I don’t think you can get it anymore. I am ETERNALLY grateful for an online friend that bought this when she spotted it as she knew how badly I wanted it and couriered it to PE for me. I paid for it, but I mean, it was a lot of effort on her part for somebody she’s never met ❤

Vichy Ideal Soleil Mattifying Corrective Care SPF 30 (RSP R285)

I recently wrote about 2 Vichy products here, where I confessed to having never used Vichy products before. This cream really impressed me as it’s non greasy, but provides hydration and has SPF 30 in it. I never wear anything with SPF on my face as I find it too greasy, but this is an ‘easy’ cream for my oily face. Also this mattifies the skin and I find it reduces the appearance of my pores.

The Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel (RSP R170)

Last week I gushed about how fabulous this peel is, so it comes as no surprise that it’s included in my favourites and you can read more about it here.

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Peach Kiss (RSP R47,95)

This is a tinted lipbalm, but I find it so moisurising on my lips and I love the subtle peach glossy sheen it provides to my lips. With some mascara and just this lipbalm, I feel like a million bucks 😉 I have about 3 of these floating around everywhere at home and in my bag.


Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Mattifying Foam (RSP R190)

I was so happy with the Vichy products I was using, that I went out and bought 2 of these cleansers and another product at the current Clicks Autumn Beauty Fair. This cleanser foams so nicely! You just need half a pump, maybe even less if your face isn’t as huge as mine and you cleanse away. The foam doesn’t disappear which I love. You can see it and feel it on your skin. It mattifies my skin without leaving my skin feeling dry at all. I’ve noticed breakout spots don’t stay around for long since I’ve started using the Normaderm range. I am so glad I went with my gut and got 2 of these even though I hadn’t tried it before.

Rimmel Brow This Way Argan Brow Gel Clear (RSP R89,95)

I bought this literally the day before the 3 for 2 promo started at Clicks. That’s what happens when you sneakily buy makeup while your husband is in Spar. #Karma. So bummed when I miss a 3 for 2 promo. Moving on…..

This gel is really nice and I like that it’s infused with argan oil. My brows are not crunchy or hard, they stay in place, but they are natural looking. I also love the brush on the wand. It’s small and precise for easy application of gel onto your brows.

My only con on this would be that it’s a bit pricey for ‘drugstore’ considering it’s only 5mls of product, vs half the price for 8.5mls of another brand. I’ll see how long it lasts me and then I’ll decide if it’s a deal breaker for a repurchase. These come in a few shade options as well.

That’s it for my March favourites! Have you tried any of these? What have you been loving lately in terms of skin care or makeup products?

#TakeControl with Vichy {Review}

Vichy kindly sent me 2 of their products to trial and I must say, I was extremely excited about getting my hands on these specific products. They form part of their #TakeControl campaign. The aim? To provide skincare products that provide oil control without the dryness. You gals know I’m all over oil control products.

16938492_423785461296503_299432.jpgUntil recently I’ve really only cared about having the best makeup products, with little regard for the actual condition of my skin. So I’m embarrassed to say I’ve heard about Vichy, but never used their products. When I sent feelers out about the brand, I actually got quite a bit of positive feedback with people telling me they’ve been using their products for years! This made me really excited about trying out these products.

Vichy is a premium brand of skincare, bodycare, make-up, hair care and anti-aging products. Thermal spa water from the hot springs of the town of Vichy, France, is the only water source used in its formulations. Fancy stuff right?

First up is the Vichy Normaderm Aquagel Hydratant. The claim is skin balance, anti-oiliness and hydration. This product is suited to oily, combination and acne/blemish prone skin.


Included in its ingredients are:

  • Salicylic Acid which is beneficial in the treatment of acne, so I love the inclusion of this, because I do get the odd spot around that time of the month. This month that odd spot came and went really fast, so I was really impressed to see the Normaderm in action.
  • Another key ingredient is LHA which also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anticomedogenic properties. The PH balance is similar to that of the skin, which means the skins natural balance is maintained.
  • The addition of Glycerin ensures that the skin retains water and also combats oiliness.
  • This is probably the most exciting ingredient, the Vichy Thermal Water. (Extract below, full article here )

    What made—and continues to make—this mineralizing thermal water so sought-after, is its unique content of 15 skin-strengthening minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium, and manganese. These minerals are gathered as rainwater jets through the magmatic volcanic rock, over 4,000 meters under the earth’s surface! While most mists and thermal waters simply soothe the skin, Vichy’s mineralizing thermal water from the French volcanoes takes it even further, not only soothing the skin, but helps protect it against external aggressors like pollutants and weather. This diverse blend of rare minerals possesses proven fortifying, antioxidant benefits to the skin. Additionally, unlike its counterparts, Vichy’s water helps to rebalance pH, creating a buffer effect that reinforces the skin against these aggressors.

I seriously need to arrange a bath inside that French volcano! Does it not just sound divine? The fountain of youth kind of vibe!

This also acts as a treatment product, as Vichy claims after 4 weeks there’s:
• Decrease of visible shine
• Reduction of pore visibility
• Skin is less prone to re-oiling during the day

Gals, I honestly adore this product. The formula is, as the name suggests, a clear gel formulation. It glides onto my skin leaving no oily residue or stickiness, but leaves me with a really healthy glow. My skin feels hydrated, really hydrated.I will report back after a month or 2 to see if the 4 week claims are indeed valid.

The second product I was sent is the the Ideal Soleil Mattifying corrective care cream. This is a triple action cream that targets blemishes, pores and mattifies the skin. This contains an SPF 30 and that fabulous thermal water mentioned above.

Untitled 2

This has a runny sunblock cream sort of texture. Usually anything with an SPF I usually hate putting onto my skin, because with SPF comes grease (well at least that’s how I feel). Not the case with this cream. When you apply it, there’s not a hint of oil and you can actually feel (by touch) how it immediately mattifies the skin, but the skin does not look dull at all, there’s still a healthy glow. SAY WHAT? I know…impressive stuff ❤ The cream is very light and it absorbs really fast. Incredibly fast actually. I immediately noticed that my pores appear smaller/less visible after using these 2 products.

I test this regularly on no makeup days and I usually survive about 6 hours with no oil. I know you gals are sick of reading this, but I am REALLY oily and I can sweat really fast. At work I’m walking stairs all day (19 of them one way…yes I counted) so I am really testing these products out to the max. Perhaps with less activity and sweating action you may be matte for longer than I am.

These products are honestly amazing. Coupled with my new favourite exfoliator (more on that in another post) at the moment, my skin is glowing. I recently went to a snooty makeup counter where the lady did not look like she wanted to assist me. Eventually she started working on my skin and she commented that my skin felt amazing and she didn’t need to apply a smoothing primer like she thought she would need to. A colleague asked me specifically what was on my bare face when I returned to work after my kids had been sick. Tired, 30 something old mom….and she had no idea I had started using these products just a week before that day. The proof is in the pudding…on the face of the pudding! I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now, but I will have an updated post after a month or 2 to see if it did assist with any of my blemishes.

Clicks has recently started the Autumn beauty fair so they have a Vichy promotion running.  I would definitely purchase these products with my own money.

Note: Even though these products were sent to me, all opinions are my own and honest. 

Have any of you tried Vichy products before? I definitely want to add to what I have, so please hit me with your favourites/must haves in the comment section below.