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The #MorpheMe brush subscription

I recall many moons ago when I started reading beauty blogs, I could not fathom why beauty bloggers needed so many brushes. Is it greed? Indulgence? Were they just too rich? Then I bought my first makeup brush. I’m sure it was a CALA eyeshadow blending brush. That snowballed and I started trying and buying more brushes. I realised all brushes are not created equally, hence the quest for the best makeup brushes actually never ends…..AND the dirty brush problem…the struggle is real…so just buy more apparently. lol

I’d hear a lot of beauty personalities go on and on about Morphe brushes. Every fabulous YouTuber has a Morphe discount code for you to use and I hoped one day, when the rand was super strong, I’d be able to place an order and the hard part would just be deciding if I was using Jaclyn or Kathleen’s code. I was due to be waiting a long time….until I stumbled upon a post by Nisa from Belle Blushh where she mentioned she was trying out this new brush subscription after cancelling a lipstick box subscription. I immediately clicked on the link and signed up. Yes….it’s that easy when you’re in the throws of a makeup/beauty buying addiction.

Okay, so LiveGlam currently has 3 different subscription options:

– The brush club

– The lipstick club

– The polish club

I signed up for the #MorhpeMe brush club. It’s a monthly subscription that costs you $19,99 per month and you will get brushes worth at least $30 delivered to you. I pay an additional $7 to get them shipped to South Africa. In total this came to roughly R360.

On 31 January I placed my order and through a very trying and patience testing snail mail delivery system, my brushes eventually arrived at my local post office on the 11th March. I had a customs bill of R24….SERIOUSLY???? Urgh….


The February brushes were from the gun metal range and I received:

G36 – Round Powder (RSP $13.99)

Use this Round Powder brush to apply powder foundation flawlessly or to blend out a contour. This synthetic brush is ultra-soft and gets powder exactly where it needs to be.

G33 – Angled Buffer (RSP $8.99)

Our new Angled buffer is perfect for under eye makeup. Buff concealer under your eye, exactly where you need it. The shape of this brush targets all the areas that can crease easily.

G34 – Mini Round Buffer (RSP $8.99)

This small synthetic brush is perfectly dense for buffing in concealer to flawless coverage.

Then, because I clicked on a sign up link, I also qualified for a free brush and received:

E22 – Pointed Blender ( RSP $6.99)

A small, tapered blender with just a bit more density than your average crease brush. Perfect for buffing out over applications of eye shadow or blending away harsh lines.

The brushes excluding my freebie, were valued at $32/R420 vs the R384 I spent (incl. customs). That’s R96 per brush. I doubt you’d be able to buy these for less than R100 – R200 per brush in SA. Maybe even more.


The March brushes arrived on 3 April, after having been shipped on 1 March. The brushes I received were:

M401 Large Pointed Powder (RSP $13.99)

Use this large, natural hair, powder brush to define your cheekbones, set your under-eye, or add a light dust of powder!

M412 Deluxe Pointed Blender (RSP $5.99)

This fluffy, pointed eyeshadow brush will help you achieve a blended crease or add a pop of accent color. – I can already tell that I am going to LOVE this brush!

M521 Chisel Oval Shadow (RSP $5.99)

This natural hair eyeshadow brush will help you pack on color and carve out a perfect crease!

M436 Mini Duo Blender (RSP $6.99)

Try this duo-fiber synthetic and natural bristle brush to apply a flawlessly airbrushed foundation, concealer, or powder!

The retail value of the March brushes are also $32/R420.

So besides the fact that this is cheaper than ordering locally, there are a few other benefits to subscribing with LiveGlam.

  • You can pause your subscription anytime.
  • After the brushes are revealed for the month, you can opt to exchange/trade these brushes for some other brushes on offer, before they are shipped to you.
  • You accumulate rewards points by subscribing and referring friends, that you can use towards makeup items or free brushes. (i.e. I get 100 points a month for being subscribed. For 225 points I can get a LA Girl concealer. 850 points gets you a Tarte mascara. 200 points gets you a Morphe brush.)
  • You also get a free brush if you get a friend to sign up through your own referral link. The (obviously very good) friend also gets a free brush when using the link.

Feel free to use my  referral link if you want to sign up 🙂 We both score, so why not? he he

So that’s the rundown of the #MorpheMe brush subscription. I think it’s a fabulous way to try out new brushes and to get your hands on the cult favourite Morphe brushes ❤

Let me know what you think of the subscription and if it’s something you’d consider signing up for? Also do you know of any other cool makeup or beauty related subscriptions that are accessible internationally?

New Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes

1448 and 1443 together-M.JPG

How gorgeous are these? ❤ I’ve always wanted to own any brush from the Bold Metals collection, but sadly, I can’t afford them. That doesn’t mean that I can’t admire them like a stalker though. So when news hits that 2 new brushes are being launched? Be still my heart!

The Triangle Concealer Brush (1443) is the gold one. I actually love the idea of this brush. 3 sides, for concealing, blending and spot coverage. I think especially when you want to conceal a spot, it’s nice knowing that you can isolate one side of the brush for that and not spread any nasties to the rest of your face.

The silver one is the Tapered Shadow Brush (1448). This brush is described as ‘densely packed and precision cut for a smooth foundation of eye colour’.

These brushes are available at various retailers and will retail around R329,95 (shadow brush) and R379,95 (concealer brush). They’re launching in November sometime, so keep an eye out for them.

Do you own any Real Technique brushes? Their regular blush brush is my absolute favourite brush!


Wet n Wild haul

I was watching a video by Coffee Break with Dani and she had all the brushes in the Wet n Wild collection up for review in that video. I needed to try a few of these brushes, but unfortunately the brushes are not available in South Africa. I was determined to get them, so I went onto http://www.wetnwildbeauty.com and put a few items in my cart. Thankfully I didn’t get a chance to checkout, as the very next day they had a 25% off sale off all their items. I picked up a few brushes, and a few other items, so I thought I’d share it with you all.

So Wet n Wild is available at Clicks, but they don’t have all the items that are available internationally. I think they stock most items except the primers, bronzers and the brushes they don’t stock at all.


First up is a palette I got as part of a set. It’s the Comfort Zone palette and it came with an eye liner and a pair of false lashes. All for a whopping $2,50, which at the time worked out to R38. You’ll never find an 8 pan eye shadow for R38, never mind still with lashes and eye liner??? BARGAIN OF NOTE! Okay well then I need to factor in shipping and customs….grrr….but I’ll add another R40 in for the additional charges and I still don’t think it’s a bad price at all.

Off the bat, these eye shadows are so soft and super pigmented! I cannot believe that I haven’t tried their eye shadows before! WHAT WAS I THINKING???? I used this palette yesterday (yes I know you see the smudge marks) and I was shocked at how pigmented these shadows are. Also they lasted (with a primer) all day until about 8pm when I removed it from my face.


Another great thing about these palettes is that you do not need to guess where to put what. If you’re a newbie to makeup, each colour is labelled with where you need to put which colour! How awesome is that? There are 2 different colour combinations, so the left side is one palette and the right side is another palette.

Browbone – a beautiful champagne colour Browbone – a very light bronze highlight
Eyelid – this is my favourite from the palette, it’s a stunning rose gold shimmer shadow Eyelid – a soft olive green that doesn’t seem to offensive when swatched
Crease – a lovely medium brown Crease – A dark green-black colour with slight gold shimmer. The green is not very noticeable when swatched
Definer –  a deep dark brown, but I had a bit (okay A LOT) of fallout with this colour. Doing my makeup in the car was not a good idea with a palette I hadn’t used before. I did go in with a heavy hand though, so lesson learnt. Definer – This is an interesting one as it looks blue, but then you swatch it and it’s a coppery brick colour with this blue ‘overtone’ (is that a word??)

The right side of the palette is a very unique combination of colours. I was positive that I’d never even use that side of the palette, but after swatching it, I may try it out one day. I’m very much a neutral bronze gal, so this would be way out of my ‘Comfort Zone’…..

The brushes….how pretty are these? I mean pink and white ❤ *sigh* I love Dani so I mentally tried to make a note of the brushes she recommended and the ones she said we could do without. I steered clear of the bigger face brushes as she didn’t rate them too highly, but the eye brushes got great reviews from her. I also had a few more brushes, but I didn’t love them so gave them away before I even managed to take pictures of them.

So because I knew I wanted to review these, I have NOT used them. Can you even begin to imagine how painful it’s been to not use these brushes for 3 whole days???

Wet n Wild claims that these brushes are:

  • Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan
  • Two-toned synthetic Polymax fibers that mimics the consistency of natural hairs
  • Ergonomic Handle for Total Control

Left to right:

  • I love that the angled liner brush is so small, so I feel it’ll give me more control when I use my gel liner, BUT I feel like maybe the bristles are too thick and the end is not tapered enough. I don’t like a thick liner look and if I ever attempt a wing, it won’t give me the sharp wing I’d be going for. For day to day though this will be fine. Perhaps even using it with eye shadow for a smudged liner effect.
  • The large eye shadow brush I love. I just now used it to apply eye shadow to my hand…(yes I’m insane, but I needed to try this brush out) and it picked up the eye shadow like a dream. It also applied evenly and didn’t suck up too much product.
  • The crease brush is the one I wanted most of all. It’s really nice and soft and fluffy so I think it’s going to do a good job blending out that colour in the crease.

These brushes were 75c ($) each, which worked out to about R11 each, but because my package was so heavy, and customs got me, it comes to about R51 each in total. I learnt about estimating package weights big time with this parcel. I could have rather ordered more to spread the shipping costs a bit more.


Also in this delivery were these Wet n Wild glosses. I wasn’t ‘wild’ about them, but at 75c ($) each, I won’t complain too much. The colours looked crazy bright, but the one I opened is colourless on my lips.

There are a few more items from the haul, but I’ll add my impressions of those in another post.

Have you used any Wet n Wild products before? Let me know and make recommendations of things for me to try out.

PS So one of the things I was most looking forward to was hosting a giveaway on my blog. My friends know I am super lucky and I get a lot of grief for the amount of things I win. I always tell them, you’ve got to be in it, to win it! True right? So I want to give back in a way 🙂 It’s not going to be anything glamorous. All items purchased with my own money.One of the Comfort Zone sets with the lashes and eye liner will be up for grabs with a few other bits and bobs. So keep your eyes peeled….with Spring coming up and all, there’s no better reason for a giveaway ❤ 


New brushes from eBay

I’m always on the hunt for new brushes. When I first started using makeup, I used my fingers. *Don’t judge me*

Eventually I decided to dabble in makeup brushes. I watch tons of beauty vlogs and all I want are Morphe brushes, Sigma brushes, Spectrum brushes being my latest brush crush, but I can’t afford those and they’re difficult to get hold of here in South Africa.

Reading blogs, watching vlogs, I still couldn’t understand why the heck beauty bloggers had 1 gazillion brushes. That is………until my brushes got dirty. I bought a few spares….and those got dirty….. Then you realise you need to actually wash your brushes, regularly…..


So a few months ago I saw this really pretty brush set on Pink Peonies’ blog and it was super affordable, Luzanne gave them a good review so I thought, hmmm….why not try and get a set.

I went onto eBay and found a set that looked similar and clicked ‘add to cart’. This seller offered free shipping so $15 seemed like a score for 18 brushes.

The bag is really pretty and I’ve wanted a makeup brush bag for a long time and they’re really pricey. So for that alone the price tag is worth it. I ordered on the 25th of May and I think they arrived here on the 25th of July, straight to my door! That really impressed me. I didn’t have any customs, so that was really great as well! The customs struggle is real here in South Africa.

Luzanne did warn that the pouch would possibly have a strong glue scent, but to just leave it open overnight and it would be odour free after that, and she was correct on both counts.


There are 18 brushes in the set and initially I wasn’t bothered to use any of them except the spoolie one (for my brows) and the big fan brush ( LOVE THAT BRUSH!), but as my usual brushes got dirtier, I realised I needed other options so I started using the eye shadow brushes and I must say they aren’t bad. 2 of them seem to be exactly the same. I didn’t get a dense blending brush and funny enough that is one brush I was looking forward to receiving, but it’s not a train smash. As I attempt to use gel liner as my latest bucket list item, I will be reaching for the liner brushes.

The brushes are pretty to look at and stand out from my usual black brushes and they feel sturdy. I’ve washed these brushes and initially I had a bit of shedding with the eye shadow brushes, but they’re fine now. The foundation brush I use to apply face masks (an awesome tip from a blogger I follow) as I just don’t use those flat foundation brushes for foundation anymore.

I don’t know that if you’re a brush snob you’d love these brushes, but as somebody starting out and to have a spare set of clean brushes, these are really great considering I paid around R225 for the set incl delivery to my door….that’s around R12,5o per brush! You are never going to buy a brush locally for R12,50 anywhere!

I’m waiting for a few Wet n Wild brushes to arrive that’s been at customs for a week now (pray with me people that they just send them through), so I’m excited to review those once I finally get my hands on them.

What are your favourite budget brush brands? Would you purchase these off eBay?

PS My pictures are HIDEOUS. I took these a while ago and obviously didn’t check them after I took them. The brushes are *shocker* dirty and all over the place now so I couldn’t retake the pictures. I also thought I took individual brush pictures. Oops. Apologies for that.


Mini brush haul

Okay so 3 makeup brushes really isn’t a haul I know….but I swear I was so excited to get these brushes, it may as well feature as a haul. This is my space right? So if I want to call 3 brushes a haul….so it shall be.


I was browsing the Superdrug website for baby bottles for my sister and I noticed they were having a 3 for 2 promotion on their makeup, which included brushes. EEEEEKKK! I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted, so I basically added some random brushes, removed, added, until I decided on these 3. I probably should have read some reviews on the brushes first, but I just lost my freakin mind and clicked ‘add to cart’ without a second thought. So let’s see what I got…..

Revlon Contour/ Highlighting Brush (RSP £10.99 )


Revlon contour/highlighting brush

I think the reason I chose this one, was because I had no idea Revlon had a makeup brush line. I’ve never seen any in South Africa, so I was interested to see what they had to offer.

What I loved immediately about this brush is the handle with the diamond type detail (under my big ugly thumb…sorry) and the pointed tip. It’s so elegant and lightweight. The brush itself is really soft and fluffy. I think this would make a nice blush brush as the shape is not the same, but similar to the shape of my favourite Real Techniques blush brush. I’m not into contouring much, but will see what this can do 🙂

I’ve tweeted RevlonSA to find out if these brushes will be coming to SA, but so far received no response. 😦 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless Powder F301 (RSP £9.99)


Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless powder brush

This brush literally took my breath away…. I can’t even deal with how beautiful this is. I don’t think I can use it! That rose gold handle and those ‘pure as snow white’ bristles??? ❤ This brush is so soft….. *as I type this I shake my head, and say out loud: ‘I can’t deal…cannot.deal.’ * The brush leaves me speechless…it’s tooooo pretty.

Okay…I’m calming down. I was on the hunt for a fluffy powder brush and I think this will be perfect for powder and maybe even bronzer. I had to really control myself to not use this brush until I was able to take a picture of it, though I don’t want to make the pretty white dirty, so I’m in quite a dilemma.

This still isn’t the brush that I wanted, I still want something a bit bigger, but I definitely don’t regret purchasing this.

Eco Tools Complexion Collection Mattifying Brush (RSP £8.99)


Eco Tools Mattifying brush

Last up is this brush from Eco Tools. I think what grabbed my attention is the claim that this is a ‘mattifying’ brush.

The handle is  light (despite looking heavy) and sturdy. Also that turquoise detail is really pretty. Is there something wrong with buying brushes only because they’re pretty? ha ha. This brush seems like a bit of a hybrid to me. The ends are quite fluffy and then it has the shorter dense bristles as well. I’m quite keen to see if this will indeed assist with mattifying my oily areas in Summer, but I don’t know if a brush can do that? If nothing else, it’s an extra brush….to aid me on those days when everything is dirty and I want to cry at the thought of washing them all.

So these are the 3 brushes I ordered from Superdrug. I got free delivery in the UK and then paid from the UK to SA with my Aramex Global Shopper account. I must say, people have been complaining about AGS, but they received my package on the 28th and I had it here by the 2nd. That’s good service. I’ve used them twice now, a third delivery in progress, so hopefully 3rd times a charm!

Let me know if you own any of these brushes. What are your favourite powder brushes? I think Morphe will hopefully be the next one I get my hands on, but I need to save my pennies to get a few brushes to make the shipping worth it.

PS For readers not in South Africa, yesterday was our election day, so they stain our nails with that awful black marker that literally takes forever and a day to disappear. I’m hoping it will all come off when I remove the polish.